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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Liang-chi

89Chang Liang-chi 張亮基 (T. 石卿). A.D. 1808-1871. Recommended by Lin Tsê-hsü, he was sent to 永昌 Yung-ch'ang as Prefect in 1846, and rose to be Governor of Yünnan. In 1852 he was transferred to Hunan; and entering Ch'ang-sha through the lines of the besieging T'ai-p'ings, he successfully defended the city. The rebels, however, were allowed to escape to the westward. Transferred to Shantung, he was cashiered, but was sent to repair the Yellow River, which was brought back to its old course, flowing into the Gulf of Pechili. In 1862 he proceeded as Viceroy to Yünnan, in order to put down the Mahomedan rising; but after some few years of annoyance and disappointment, he retired from the public service in disgust. It was he who gave to Tso Tsung-t'ang his first post as secretary.