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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang P'eng-ho

95 Chang P'eng-ho 張鵬翮 (T. 運清). A.D. 1649-1725. A native of 遂寗 Sai-ning in Ssŭch'uan, who graduated as chin shih in 1670. In 1680 he was Prefect of Soochow, being later on transferred to 兗 Yen-chou Fu in Shantung, the topography of which he compiled. In 1688 he accompanied the mission sent to settle the boundary dispute with Russia. Next year he became Governor of Chehkiang, where he reformed the grain transport and the salt administration, and also succeeded in placing an embargo on the export of munitions of war. After serving in high office in Peking, in 1698 he was made Viceroy of the Two Kiang, and in 1700 Director-General of the Yellow River. At the latter post he carried out the plans of the Emperor K'ang Hsi in respect to river conservation to his Majesty's great satisfaction, but in 1705 he was sharply rebuked for not keeping his subordinates in order. In 1722 he received the title of Senior Tutor of the Heir Apparent, and next year became a Grand Secretary. He compiled the 聖謨全書, a record of K'ang Hsi's treatment of the Yellow River. Was canonised as 文端, and in 1730 included in the Temple of Worthies.