A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Pang-ch'ang

92Chang Pang-ch'ang 張邦昌 (T. 子能). Died about A.D. 1130. A native of 東光 Tung-kuang in Chihli, who graduated as chin shih and rose to be Prime Minister in 1126. He strenuously advised peace with the China Tartars, and was dismissed and degraded when a fresh irruption took place. In the winter of the same year the capital, the modern K'ai-fêng Fu, was taken; and the Chins placed Chang upon the throne with the dynastic title of 大楚, the Emperor being sent into captivity. Chang was soon compelled by popular feeling to retire in favour of the Prince of 康 K'ang, brother to the late Emperor, who ruled as Kao Tsung, the widow of the Emperor Chê Tsung being Regent, and he himself Prime Minister. Later on he was ennobled as Prince, and was sent to be Governor of 奉國 Fêng-kuo in Ssŭch'uan. But he was soon put under detention at 潭 T'an-chou, now Ch'ang-sha in Hunan, and was allowed to commit suicide.