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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chang Tao-ling

112Chang Tao-ling 張道陵 (T. 輔漢). A.D. 84-156. A native of the 天目 T'ien-mu hill in Chehkiang. A precocious child, he is said to have mastered the philosophy of Lao Tzǔ by the time he was seven years old. Declining to take office, he retired to the mountains, and devoted himself to the study of alchemy. On one occasion he went to Ssǔch'uan to drive out troublesome demons. He spent much of his time at the 上清宮 Perfectly Pure Palace on Mt. 龍處 Lung-hu in Kiangsi; and at length, having discovered the elixir of life, he solemnly swallowed a dose, and ascended as an Immortal to the skies. He was ennobled as Marquis by the Emperor Chang Ti, and is said to have been the first Taoist "Pope" (see K'ou Chien-chih).