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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao-hui

161 Chao-hui 兆惠 (T. 和甫). Died A.D. 1764. A Manchu, who played a prominent part in the conquest of the Sungars in 1756—1759. His retreat from Ili to Urumtsi during the severe winter of 1756, and in face of fearful odds, and his stubborn defence of his camp before Yarkand at the end of 1758, won him great fame and rewards. In 1761 he became an Assistant Grand Secretary, and was employed on missions of investigation until his death. In the poem of the Emperor Ch'ien Lung entitled 懷舊詩 A Retrospect, composed in 1779, Chao-hui is one of his 五 功臣 Five Men of Action, the others being Fu-hêng, Ming-jui, O-li-kun, and Yo Chung-ch'i. Was ennobled as Duke, canonised as 文襄, and included in the Temple of Worthies.