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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao I

163 Chao I 趙翼 (T. 耘⿰耒公. H. 甌北). A.D. 1727-1814. Graduated as chü jen in 1750, and was employed in the Grand Council. In 1760 he came out second on the list of chin shih. About 1766 he went as Prefect to Kuangsi, but was shortly afterwards impeached, and was transferred to the army then invading Burmah. Later on, he was Prefect at Canton, and in 1771 he retired, though he subsequently assisted by his counsels in the pacification of Formosa. He was distinguished as a poet and as an historical critic. Besides collections of poems, his best known works are the 皇朝武功紀盛, an account of the wars of the present dynasty, and the 簷曝雜記, containing notes on matters of interest in his own time.