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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao Liang-tung

171 Chao Liang-tung 趙良棟 (T. 擎字 and 西華). A.D. 1620—1697. A successful military officer during the reign of the Emperor K'ang Hsi. In 1676 be quelled the mutiny of the troops in Shensi, and took a prominent part in recovering Ssǔch'uan in 1679. For the latter service he was made President of the Board of War and Viceroy of the Yün-Kuei provinces. In 1681 he was sent to Yünnan, to aid in stamping out the last traces of the rebellion of Wu San-kuei. His plans were adopted; the provincial capital fell, and 吳世璠 Wu Shih-fan committed suicide. Owing to jealousies, it was not until 1694 that he was ennobled and received a present of Tls. 2,000. He is stated to have owed his successes to his strict discipline and sympathy with his soldiers, whose hardships he invariably shared. Canonised as 襄忠, and in 1730 included in the Temple of Worthies.