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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao Mêng-fu

173 Chao Mêng-fu 趙孟頫 (T. 子昂 H. 松雪). A.D. 1254-1322. A lineal descendant of the founder of the Sung dynasty, and an hereditary official. Upon the fall of the House of Sung he retired into private life until 1286, when he was summoned to Court and appointed secretary in the Board of War. By 1316 he had risen to a high post in the Han-lin College, and was highly esteemed by the Emperor, who always addressed him by his style, Tzu-ang, instead of using his official name, Meng-fu. He was distinguished as a calligraphist, and as a painter of landscapes, flowers, men, and horses. His wife, 管夫人 the Lady Kuan, was also an artist of considerable talent. Canonised as 文敏.