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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao Pao

175 Chao Pao 趙苞 (T. 威豪). Died A.D. 177. A native of 甘陵 Kan-ling in Chihli, who first distinguished himself by disowning a cousin for becoming a eunuch. Graduating as hsiao lien, he rose in the public service until he was appointed Governor of Liao-hsi, in which capacity he succeeded in keeping peace along the frontier. His mother and wife were on their way to join him when they fell into the hands of a band of Turkic marauders. Chao Pao at once led forth troops to the rescue; whereupon the brigands placed his mother and wife in their front rank. His mother however cried out that no question of ransom was to be entertained for a moment, and Chao gave the signal to attack. The brigands were overwhelmed, but the two women were killed in the fray. The Emperor in vain tried to soothe his grief by ennobling him as Marquis. As soon as the funeral was over Chao exclaimed, "To take one's pay and to shirk danger, is not loyalty; but to kill one's mother, even in the discharge of duty, is not filial piety. I can no longer face the world." He then vomited blood and died.