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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao Shu

184 Chao Shu 趙曙 (originally 宗寶). A.D. 1032-1067. A cousin of Chao Chên, whom he succeeded in 1063 as fifth Emperor of the Sung dynasty. The Empress Dowager 曹 Ts'ao was left with joint control, and eunuchs sowed dissension between her and the Emperor. In 1064 Han Ch'i forced her to retire, and banished all the intriguing eunuchs. Han remained in power, aided by Ou-yang Hsiu during the reign; but his love of sole control led to his downfall in 1067. A hot dispute as to the honours to be paid to the Emperor's father ended in dividing the Ministers into two hostile parties. In 1066 triennial examinations were decreed; and the 通鑑 Mirror of History was begun by Ssǔ-ma Kuang. An attempt to overawe the Hsia State, by enrolling 30 per cent of the able-bodied males in Shensi as militia, proved a failure. In 1066 the Emperor fell ill, and was compelled by Han Ch'i to abdicate in favour of his son. Canonised as 憲文肅武宣孝皇帝, with the temple name of 英宗.