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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao T'o

187 Chao T'o 趙佗. Died B.C. 137. A general in the service of the First Emperor. In B.C. 215 he was appointed to a command under Jen Hsiao, and co-operated with him in the reduction of the wild southern tribes. Upon the death of the latter, he succeeded as Viceroy of the South, with his headquarters in modern Canton, whence he is sometimes spoken of as 尉佗 Viceroy T'o; and upon the fall of the Ch'in dynasty he proclaimed himself Prince of Yüeh, with the title 武 Martial. In B.C. 196 he consented to recognise the first Emperor of the Han dynasty as his suzerain (see Lu Chia); and with the exception of a brief period of hostility under the Empress Lü Hou, he remained a faithful vassal until his death, which took place at a very advanced age. He bequeathed his throne to his grandson, who however was speedily dethroned by the Hans, and his dominions added to the empire.