A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao Wên

192 Chao Wên 趙温 (T. 子柔). Died A.D. 208. A Governor of the Metropolitan District under the Eastern Han dynasty. "Ah", sighed he, "a hero should fly like a cock and not brood like a hen." Accordingly, he resigned his post and retired into private life. Soon afterwards there was a severe famine, and he spent the whole of his private fortune in relieving the sufferers. This coming to the ears of the Emperor Hsien Ti, he was at once summoned by his Majesty who took him to Ch'ang-an and made him Minister of State, at the same time ennobling him as Marquis. In 208 he incurred the displeasure of Ts'ao Ts'ao, and was obliged to throw up his post.