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A Chinese Biographical Dictionary/Chao Yün (趙雲)

196 Chao Yün 趙雲 (T. 子龍). Died A.D. 229. One of the heroes of the wars of the Three Kingdoms, distinguished by his unusual stature and great personal beauty. He was a champion of the cause of Liu Pei, whose son (see Liu Ch'an) he is said to have saved twice, - once in the rout at 長阪坡 Ch'ang--p'o, and again when 孫夫人 Lady Sun, the wife of Liu Pei, was about to take him into Wu. It was on the first occasion that Liu Pei is said to have cried out “Tzǔ-lung's whole body is one mass of courage!" In a subsequent engagement he was less successful, and was dismissed to an inferior command; yet he was highly honoured in the Kingdom of Shu, and at his death he was posthumously ennobled as Marquis.