A Dictionary of Hymnology/List of Contributors

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W. H. M. H. A. Rev. W. H. M. H. AITKEN, M.A., General Superintendent of the Church Parochial Mission Society, and Canon Residentiary of Norwich.
H. L. B. Rev. H. LEIGH BENNETT, M.A., Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral, and sometime Rector of Thrybergh, Yorkshire.
L. F. B. Rev. L. P. BENSON, D.D, Editor of the authorised Hymnals, &c., of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, and other works.
J. T. B. Rev. J. T. BINGLEY, L.R.A.M., F.G.O., sometime Precentor of Worksop Abbey Church.
F. M. B. Rev. F. M. BIRD, MA, Professor of Rhetoric and Christian Evidences, Lehigh University, United States of America.
W. J. B. W. J. BIRKBECK, MA., of Magdalen College, Oxford.
J. B. Rev. JAMES BONAR, M.A, Greenock, Joint Editor of the Scottish Free Church Hymn Book and of the Home and School Hymnal.
W. T. B. WILLIAM T. BROOKE, Walthamstow, London.
J. B. Rev. JOHN BROWNLIE, Minister of the Presbyterian United Free Church, Portpatrick, and Author of Hymns of the Greek Church, Translated, with Introduction and Notes, and other works.
D. B. Rev. DAWSON BURNS, D.D, Secretary of the United Kingdom Alliance.
J. D. C. J. D. CHAMBERS, M.A, F.S.A. (Late), Recorder of New Sarum; Editor and Translator; The Psalter, or Seven Ordinary Hours . . . of Sarum; and The Hymns, &c.; Lauda Syon, &c.
Wm. C. WILLIAM COOKE, M.A, F.S.A. (Late), Hon. Canon of Chester Cathedral; Joint Editor of The Church Hymnal and of The Hymnary.
T. G. C. Rev. T. G. CRIPPEN, Librarian at the Congregational Hall, Farringdon Street, London, and Author of Ancient Hymns and Poems Translated from the Latin, and other works.
J. D. Rev. JAMES DAVIDSON, B.A., Vicar of St. Paul's, Bristol; Author of Proper Psalms for Certain Days, &c.
J. L. D. Rev. J. LEWIS DAVIES, Rector of Llaneigrad, N. Wales.
V. D. D. Rev. VALENTINE D. DAVIS, B.A., Sometime Minister of the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth, Liverpool; Editor of the Inquirer.
J. C. E. J. C. EARLE, B.A., Oxford (Late).
F. J. F. Rev. F. J. FALDING, D.D. (Late), Principal of the Congregational United College, Bradford.
E. C. S. G. The Right Rev. EDGAR C. S. GIBSON, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester.
A. E. G. Rev. A. E. GREGORY, D.D., Principal of the Wesleyan Children's Home and Orphanage; Author of the Fernley Lecture: The Hymn-Book of the Modern Church, &c.; and Editor of The Preacher's Magazine.
A. B. G. Rev. A. B. GROSART, D.D., LL.D. (Late), Editor of The Fuller Worthies' Library; The Chertsey Worthies Library; The Works of Spenser, &c, and Author of Three Centuries of Hymns, &c.
M. C. H. M. C. HAZARD, Ph.D., Editor of the Congregational Publication Society, Boston, U.S.A.
J. A. H. Rev. J. ALEXANDER HEWITT, D.C.L., Rector of Worcester, South Africa, and Author of The Dutch Hymnal for Use in the Province of South Africa, &c.
T. H. Rev. THOMAS HELMORE, M.A. (Late), Priest in Ordinary of H.M. Chapels Royal; Musical Editor of the Hymnal Noted.
W. G. H. Rev. W. GARRETT HORDER, Editor of Congregational Hymns; The Poets' Bible, &c.; and Author of The Hymn Lover, &c.
J. J. Rev. JOHN JULIAN, D.D., the Editor.
J. M. Rev. JAMES MEARNS, M.A., Vicar of Rushden, Buntingford, Assistant Editor.
J. T. M. Rev. J. T. MUELLER, Diaconus and Historiographer of the Brethren's Unity, Herrnhut, Germany.
W. R. M. Rev. W. RIGBY MURRAY, M.A., Manchester, Editor of Church Praise; School Praise; and The Revised Psalter.
C. L. N. Rev. C. L. NOYES, D.D., Joint Editor of The Pilgrim Hymnal, Boston, U.S.A., &c.
J. H. O. Rev. J. H. OVERTON, D.D. (Late), Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral, and Rector of Epworth; Author of The English Church in the Eighteenth Century; Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, &c.
P. S. Rev. PHILIP SCHAFF, D.D. (Late), New York.
W. A. S. Rev. W. A. SHOULTS, B.D. (Late), of St. John's College, Cambridge.
W. S. Rev. WILLIAM SMITH, Rector of Catwick, Hull.
G. J. S. GEORGE JOHN STEVENSON, M.A. (Late), Author of The Methodist Hymn Book, illustrated with Biography, History, &c.; Hymns and Hymn Writers of every Age and Nation.
W. R. S. Rev. W. R. STEVENSON, M. A. (Late), Editor of The Baptist Hymnal; The School Hymnal, &c.
W. G. T. Rev. W. GLANFFRWD THOMAS (Late), Vicar of St. Asaph; sometime Vicar Choral of St. Asaph's Cathedral.
R. T. The Ven. ROBINSON THORNTON, D.D., F.R.Hist.S. (Late), Vicar of St. John's, Notting Hill, London, and Archdeacon of Middlesex; Boyle Lecturer, &c.
F. E. W. Rev. F. E. WARREN, B.D., F.S.A., Rector of Bardwell, Bury St. Edmunds; Author of The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church; and Editor of The Leofric Missal.
S. W. SUSANNAH WINKWORTH (Late), Translator of Theologia Germanica.
John Sarum. The Right Rev. JOHN WORDSWORTH, D.D., Lord Bishop of Salisbury.
D. S. W. Rev. DIGBY S. WRANGHAM, MA. (Late), Vicar of Barrington, Yorkshire; Editor and Translator of The Liturgical Poetry of Adam of St. Victor; and Author of Lyra Regis, &c.
C. H. H. W. Rev. CHARLES H. H. WRIGHT, D.D., Ph.D., Bampton Lectnrer, Oxford, 1878; Donnellan Lecturer, Dublin, 1880–81; and Examiner in Hebrew, in the University of London.
V., Y. THE EDITOR, assisted by Various Contributors.