A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Chimenti, Margarita

CHIMENTI, Margarita, detta la Deoghierina, a distinguished singer, the origin of whose sobriquet is unknown. She was engaged in London in 1737, singing the part of secondo uomo in Handel's 'Faramondo.' She had arrived at the end of 1736, for the 'London Daily Post' of Nov. 18 announces that 'Sga. Merighi, Sga. Chimenti, and la Francesina, had the honour to sing before Her Majesty, the Duke, and the Princesses at Kensington on Monday night, and met with a most gracious reception.' 'Faramondo' was only played five times. In 1738 Chimenti appeared as Atalanta in 'Serse,' which had no better fortune than Faramondo. She played also Absirto in 'La Conquista del Velo d'Oro' by Pescetti in the same year, after which her name is not found again.

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