A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Colyns, Jean-Baptiste

1505406A Dictionary of Music and Musicians — Colyns, Jean-BaptisteThomas Percy Hudson

COLYNS, Jean-Baptiste, a distinguished violinist, was born at Brussels Nov. 25, 1838. He was admitted to the Brussels Conservatoire at the age of 8, where he gained prizes for violin playing, harmony, etc. He became solo violinist at the Théâtre de la Monnaie at a very early age, and soon afterwards was appointed professor of his instrument at the Conservatoire.

He has made many professional tours in Europe with great success, and has at various times received advantageous offers to leave his native city. Among others he was in 1876 invited by the King of Saxony to migrate to Dresden as Concertmeister and Professor at the Conservatorium there. These offers he has declined for family reasons. He visited England in 1873, and played at the Crystal Palace, April 12, and at the Philharmonic, July 7. M. Colyns has occupied himself with composition for his special instrument, and has also produced several dramatic works—for example, an opera in 1 act, 'Sir William' (1877); opera in 3 acts, 'Capitaine Raymond' (1881).