A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Crüger, Johann

CRÜGER, Johann, born April 9, 1598, at Gross-Breese near Guben in Prussia, educated chiefly at the Jesuit college of Olmutz, at the school of poetry at Regensburg, and the university of Wittenberg; in 1622 was appointed cantor at the church of St. Nicolaus at Berlin, a post which he retained till his death in 1662. His reputation in his own day both as an author and composer was great, but he is now chiefly known as the composer of some of the most favourite chorales. The best-known of them are 'Nun danket alle Gott'; 'Jesu meine Zuversicht'; 'Jesu meine Freude'; and 'Schmücke dich O liebe Seele.' They were published under the title 'Praxis pietatis melica, oder Kirchen-melodien über D. Luthers und Anderer Gesänge,' for four voices and two instruments (Leipsic, 1649). This work has passed through innumerable editions; the 30th bears date Berlin 1703. He also composed many concertos and motets which no longer exist. Other works have been preserved; they are 'Meditationum musicarum Paradisus primus, oder Erstes musikalisches Lust-Gärtlein,' in three and four parts (Frankfort, 1622); and 'Med. mus. Parad. secundus' (Berlin, 1626); a collection of new Magnificats in German, in two and eight part harmony, arranged in all the eight tones. Also 'Recreationes musicae, das ist neue poetische Amorösen' (Leipsic, 1651), containing 33 pieces. Among his theoretical works may be mentioned (1) 'Synopsis musices,' a method for thorough-bass (Berlin, 1624)—the third edition (Berlin, 1634) has a different title; (2) 'Preceptae musicae practicae figuralis' (1625), also published in a German form as 'Rechter Weg zur Singekunst' (Berlin, 1660); (3) 'Quaestiones musicae practicae' (Berlin, 1650).

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