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DUGAZON, Mme. Rosalie, daughter of an obscure actor named Lefèvre, born at Berlin 1755, died in Paris Sept. 22, 1821. She and her sister began their career as ballet-dancers at the Comédie Italienne, and Rosalie made her first appearance as a singer at the same theatre in 1774. She had an agreeable voice, much feeling and finesse, and played to perfection 'soubrettes,' 'paysannes,' and 'coquettes.' Her most remarkable creation was the part of Nina in Dalayrac's opera of that name. After an absence of three years during the Revolution, she reappeared in 1795, and played with unvarying success till 1806, when she retired. To this day the classes of parts in which she excelled are known as 'jeunes Dugazon' and 'meres Dugazon.'—Her son Gustave (Paris 1782–1826), a pianist and pupil of Berton's, obtained the second 'Prix de Rome' at the Conservatoire in 1806. His operas and ballets, with the exception of 'Aline' (1823), did not succeed.

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