A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Este (dukedom)

1504270A Dictionary of Music and Musicians — Este (dukedom)Catherine Mary Phillimore

ESTE, in N. E. Italy, between Padua and Rovigo. Two musical academies—'Degli Eccitati' and 'Degli Atestini'—were established in Este in 1575. The family of the Este, always liberal patrons of the fine arts, encouraged especially the revival of music. Francesco Patrizzi, a professor in the latter of these two academies (born 1530—died 1590), in dedicating one of his works to Lucrezia d'Este, daughter of Ercole II, the reigning Duke, ascribes the revival of music in Italy to the House of Este, because Guido d'Arezzo was a native of Pomposa in their dominions, and because such famous musicians as Fogliano, Giusquino (Josquin), Adriano, and Cipriano, first found favour and support from the dukes of Este.