A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Fulda, Adam de

FULDA, Adam de, a Franconian Monk, born about the year 1450, is chiefly celebrated for a famous Tract on Music, written in 1490, and printed by Gerbert von Hornan, in his 'Scriptores eccles. de Mus. Sacr.' vol. ii. p. 329. In this work, Guilielmus Dufay is eulogised as the first Composer who wrote in regular form; and mention is made of the fact that he overstepped the F ut, and e e la, of Guido, by three degrees, below and above. The Dodecachordon of Glareanus contains a Motet a 4, by Adam de Fulda, of very advanced character for the period; and an 'Enchiridion,' published at Magdeburg, in 1673, contains a Motet 'Ach hülp my Leidt und senlich Klag.'

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