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HAINL, Georges, born at Issoire, Nov. 19, 1807, died in Paris, June 2, 1873; gained the first cello prize at the Conservatoire in 1830; became in 1840 conductor of the large theatre at Lyons, where he remained till his appointment in 1863 as conductor of the 'Académie de Musique,' Paris. From January 1864 to 1873 he also conducted the 'Société des Concerts' at the Conservatoire. He was no great musician, but as a conductor he had fire, a firm hand and a quick eye, and possessed in an eminent degree the art of controlling large masses of performers. Hainl composed some fantasias for the violoncello. He was a generous man, and bequeathed an annual sum of 1000 francs to the winner of the first violoncello prize at the Conservatoire.

[ G. C. ]