A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Hausmann, Robert

1505546A Dictionary of Music and Musicians — Hausmann, RobertThomas Percy Hudson

HAUSMANN, Robert, a distinguished violoncellist, was born Aug. 13, 1852, at Rottleberode in the Harz, and at the age of 8 went to school at Brunswick, where for some years he studied his instrument under Theodor Müller, the cellist of the well-known quartet of the brothers Müller. When the High School for music was opened at Berlin in 1869, he entered as a pupil, and worked under Herr Joachim's guidance with Wilhelm Müller. Being anxious to profit by the instruction of Signor Piatti, he was introduced by Joachim to that celebrated artist, who treated him with great kindness, and gave him lessons for some time both in London and Italy. He then entered upon his professional career, commencing as cellist in the quartet of Graf Hochberg. This post he retained for four years, and was then appointed second professor of his instrument at the High School in Berlin. He succeeded to the principal place upon the retirement of Müller, and he also is violoncellist of Herr Joachim's quartet. He is well known in London, where he has introduced important new works by Brahms and other composers. He has all the qualities which combine to make an accomplished artist. With great command over the technical difficulties of the instrument, he possesses an unusually powerful tone. He is a kinsman of the late George Hausmann, the violoncellist, upon whose fine Stradivarius he plays.