A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Hill, W., & Son

HILL, W., & SON are organ builders in London. The house was founded by John Snetzler about I755 who was succeeded in 1780 by his foreman, Ohrmann. [Snetzler.] The latter had a partner, W. Nutt, in 1 790, who was afterwards joined by Thomas Elliott about 1803. After Elliott had done business for some time alone, he took as partner, in 1825, William Hill, a Lincolnshire man, who had married his daughter, and died in 1832, Hill remaining alone until 1837, when he was joined by Frederic Davison. After 1838 Davison left to become a partner of John Gray, and the firm became W. Hill & Son. [Gray & Davison.] Hill died Dec. 18, 1870. He deserves the gratitude of English organists fo having, in conjunction with Gauntlett, introduced the CC compass into this country.

Elliott & Hill built the present organ in York Minster, since which the Hills have built, amongst many others, the organs of Ely, Worcester, and Manchester Cathedrals, Birmingham Town Hall, St. Peter's, Cornhill, and All Saints', Margaret St., London, Melbourne Town Hall, etc.

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