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JACQUARD, Léon Jean, eminent violoncellist, born at Paris Nov. 3, 1826; studied at the Conservatoire, where he obtained the 2nd prize for cello in 1842, and the 1st prize in 1844. In 1876 he married Mlle. Laure Bedel, a pianist of distinction, and at the end of 1877 succeeded Chevillard as professor of his instrument at the Conservatoire. Jacquard is eminently a classical player—a pure and noble style, good intonation, and great correctness: if he has a fault it is that he is somewhat cold, but his taste is always irreproachable, and his séances of chamber music are well attended by the best class of amateurs. He has composed some Fantasias for the cello, but it is as a virtuoso and a professor that he will be remembered.

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