A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Lambert, George

LAMBERT, George Jackson, son of George Lambert, organist of Beverley Minster, was born at Beverley in 1795 [App. p.695 "Nov. 16, 1794"]. He studied under his father until he was sixteen, then in London under Samuel Thomas Lyon, and finally became a pupil of Dr. Crotch. In 1818 he succeeded his father at Beverley. His compositions include overtures, instrumental chamber music, organ fugues, pianoforte pieces, etc. In 1874 ill health and deafness compelled him to relinquish his post and retire from active life. [App. p.695 "date of death, Jan. 24, 1880."]

The two Lamberts successively held the office of organist of Beverley Minster for the long period of 96 years, the father for 40 and the son for 56 years, and but for the latter's deafness would have held it for a century, a circumstance probably unparalleled.

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