A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/London Musical Society, The

LONDON MUSICAL SOCIETY, THE. This society was formed in 1878 by Mr. Heathcote Long and other prominent amateurs. Its objects are stated in its second rule—a canon unimpeachable in spirit, if not in grammar—to be 'the practice and performance of the works of composers which are not generally known to the musical public.' Mr. Barnby was appointed musical director, and Mr. Long and Mr. A. Littleton honorary secretaries. An efficient choir was formed, and the first concert was given on June 27, 1879, in St. James's Hall, although, strictly speaking, the occasion was a private one. Goetz's Psalm cxxxvii. was introduced to London at that concert, the solos being sung, as on many subsequent occasions, by efficient amateurs. From 1884 until the last season of the society's existence, Mr. Heathcote Long was alone in the honorary secretaryship. After the season of 1886, Mr. Barnby was succeeded as conductor by Mr. A. C. Mackenzie, who conducted the final concert on May 24, 1887. In the course of that year the society was disbanded, and a sum of £100 was handed over from its funds to the Royal College of Music. During the nine years of its existence the institution performed the following works for the first time in England, besides others which had been heard before, though not frequently. Mr. Stanford's 'Three Holy Children,' for instance, was given for the first time in London, though not for the first time in England, by the London Musical Society:—


Beethoven. Cantata on the death of the Emperor Joseph the Second.

Brahms. Vier Gesänge, op. 17.

Dvořák. 'Stabat Mater.'

Goetz. Psalm cxxxvii. and 'Noenia.'

Gounod. Troisième Messe (selections).

Grieg. 'Klosterthor.'

Hiller. 'O weep for those.'

Hofmann, Heinrich. 'Cinderella.'

Jensen. 'Feast of Adonis.'

Rheinherger. 'Christoforus.'

Silas, E. Magnificat.

Schumann. 'The King's Son,' 'The Minstrel's Curse,' and 'Spanische Liebeslieder.'


Bach. Toccata in F, arranged.

David, Ferd. Violin Concerto in E minor (Miss Shinner).

Dvořák. Legenden.

Schubert. Overture, 'Des Teufel's Lustschloss.'

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