A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Oesten, Theodor

OESTEN, Theodor, born at Berlin, Dec. 31, 1813, learned various instruments, both wind and string, from Politzki, Stadtmusicus of Fürstenwald, a small town between Berlin and Frankfort-on-the-Oder. At nineteen he went to Berlin, and studied composition with Böhmer, Rungenhagen, Schneider, and A. W. Bach, but before this he had written a quantity of dance-music, variations, etc. He also learned the clarinet from Tanne, a Kammermusicus. He was soon in great request as a teacher, and in 1843 his P.F. rondo called 'Les premières Violettes,' cleverly written in the sentimental taste of the day, had an enormous success, and was followed by a host of similar pieces, easy to play and with attractive titles, which ruled the market for many years. He had many more or less successful imitators, his own son Max among the number. Oesten died March 16, 1870.

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