A Highland Regiment/Three Songs from the Remembered Gods

Mackintosh later wrote a play called The Remembered Gods


                          Angus' Song

ARE the gods forgotten in Morven of the hinds,
  The beauty that slew men the golden eyes that sh(
The gods that will be walking on the rocks of the winds
  That little men would die for the love of looking on ?

Are the gods forgotten in Morven of the stags.
  The old gods, the fair gods that were too high for love.
The white feet pressing on the grasses of the crags.
  The black hair hidden in the black clouds above ?

The gods are forgotten in Morven of the glens,
  The sun shines brightly and gentle is the day.
Like snow in summer corries, like mist upon the bens,
  The lovely gods of darkness are vanished away.


                          Alastair's Song

Summer is gone at last and autumn leaves are falling,
  And through the naked trees the wind is breathing low.
Let us arise and go for the old gods are calling,
   The beautiful cruel gods we loved so long ago.

Let us arise and go, for far beyond the city
  We hear the old gods singing the years from which we came.
The merry heartless years that knew not pain or pity,
  The happy lustful years that knew not fear or shame.

The bitter music calls, and we must follow after.
  Back through the gentler years to the old time again.
To wake their lovely mirth, to move the gods to laughter.
  This is the end of man, the full reward of pain.

The golden eyes aglow, the silver laughter ringing,
  Shall we not suffer pain for lovely things as these ?
Let us arise and go, for the old gods are singing.
  The beautiful cruel gods that mock our miseries.


                          The Memory Song

Long ago beneath the moon
In a corrie of the hills
We forgot our ancient ills
Dancing to a wizard tune.
We remembered song and spell
Chanted in a Lochlainn rune,
Flower of Morven, it was well
Long ago beneath the moon.

Now the moon is full again,
And the song of Angus cries
Underneath the summer skies
Till the nights of summer wane.
Follow now while still you may.
Ere his music calls in vain,
When the harps of Angus play
Now the moon is full again.

Flower of Morven, long ago
In the corrie where we met,
Did you think you could forget,
Did you dream you would not know
Lips that sang the lover's tune,
And the heart that loved you so ?
Did forgetfukiess come soon,
Flawer of Morven, long ago ?

Oh, remember me once more,
Now the mist is on the hills
And the harp of Angus thrills
Moaning waves along the shore,
For the songs I made for you.
For the love that was before,
For the heart that still is true.
Oh, remember me once more.