A Manual of the Foochow Dialect In Twenty Lessons

A Manual of the Foochow Dialect In Twenty Lessons  (1908) 
C. M. S. and A. E. Champness

A Manual

of the

Foochow Dialect

In Twenty Lessons

compiled by

C. M. S. and A. E. Champness

and Dedicated

to the Memory of

The Rev. Thomas Champness


This work is an attempt to apply to the teaching of the Foochow Dialect the principles adopted in the Primer of the Mandarin Dialect, written by Rev. F. W. Baller of the China Inland Mission. Mr. Baller's Primer has been the model throughout, and in most places it has been very closely followed. At times, on account of the idiom of the Foochow Dialect differing extensively from the Mandarin idiom, it has been necessary to leave the original plan, but on the whole the book may be spoken of as a "Foochow Baller", which, in the minds of those who have used the well known Mandarin Primer, is certainly a term of respect.

For the study of the Foochow Dialect to the present time, three books have been in use. There is first of all, the Dictionary of the Foochow Dialect, by Maclay and Baldwin, a most valuable work. Then there is Dr. Adam's English-Chinese Dictionary, which also student of the Foochow Dialect should have. There is also the Manual of the Foochow Dialect. Its chapters on the use of the Numerary Adjunct, and on the Comparison of Adjectives are really very fine, and the Table of Tones in Combination, found at the end of the Book, is an absolute necessity to the acquirement of correct ways of pronunciation.

In the making of this Primer much help has been received from various sources, for which proper acknowledgement should be made.

First of all we are greatly obliged to the Rev. F. W. Baller for allowing us to make such use of his Primer as the model upon which this is based. Mr. Baller has expressed his great pleasure that such a use should be made of his work.

We are also indebted to the Manual of the Foochow Dialect for the Table of Tones in Combination, and for much of the matter found in the Lessons upon the use of the Numerary Adjunct and the Comparison of Adjectives.

Several Missionaries have given us valuable help and criticisms. Among these are the Rev. H. R. Caldwell of the Methodist Episcopal Mission, and Miss Hartwell of the American Board Mission.

Various Chinese teachers who have been employed have also rendered valuable service, and our own household servants have at times been successfully consulted as to which of two or more expressions were in the most common use, or in their own words gó bàng. Lastly we are extremely grateful to the Rev. Ll. Lloyd, of the Church Missionary Society, who has kindly undertaken the final revision of the manuscript and the correction of the proofs. Under his experienced care there should be every chance of this Primer becoming a thoroughly accurate work.

In the hope that by the aid of this book, many new missionaries of the societies working in Foochow and neighbourhood will attain an accurate and fluent knowledge of the Foochow dialect, and so be able more effectually to proclaim the unsearchable riches of Christ, the authors now send it forth.

"The work of our hands, establish Thou it." Psalm XC: 17.

"Always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord." I. Corinthians XV: 58.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.