A Naval Biographical Dictionary/Keys, David

KEYS. (Retired Commander, 1841.)

David Keys entered the Navy, in 1786, as Ordinary, on board the Dictator 64, Capt. Wm. Parker, lying at Sheerness, where he remained but a short period. He served next, for some months in 1790, and again in 1792-3, in the Brune frigate, Capt. Davidge Gould, as also in the Centurion 50, Capt. Sam. Osborne, on the West India station; after which he was for about four years employed on the Home station, as Midshipman and Master’s Mate, in the Comet, Capt. Wm. Bradley, Hero, Lieut.-Commander John Thomson, and Prince, flag-ship of Sir Roger Curtis. He was confirmed a Lieutenant, 21 July, 1798, in the Centaur 74, Capt. John Markham, under whom he was present at the surrender of the island of Minorca, the destruction of the Spanish frigate El Guadaloupe of 40 guns, and the capture of a French squadron of three frigates and two brigs commanded by Rear-Admiral Perrée. He left the Centaur in Oct. 1799 [errata 1], and was afterwards appointed – 3 April, 1804, to the Roebuck 44, flag-ship at Leith and at Plymouth of Rear-Admirals Jas. Vashon and Billy Douglas – 6 Dec. 1805, for a brief period, to the Nassau 64, Capt. Robt. Campbell, lying in the river Thames – 5 Sept. 1822, to the Coast Guard, in which service he continued until the close of 1833 – and 3 March, 1834, to the Ordinary at Plymouth, where he remained for about three years and a half. He became a Retired Commander on the Senior List 12 Oct. 1841.

He is married and has issue.

  1. Original: July 1798 was amended to Oct. 1799 : detail