A Special Tribute to Denny Schaffer in Recognition of His Contributions to Northwest Ohio

A Special Tribute to Denny Schaffer in Recognition of His Contributions to Northwest Ohio  (2005) 
by Paul Eugene Gillmor

A Special Tribute to Denny Schaffer in Recognition of His Contributions to Northwest Ohio. Congressional Record: December 17, 2005 (Extensions of Remarks) Page E2569. DOCID:cr17de05-40.



of ohio

in the house of representatives

Friday, December 16, 2005

Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, today I pay tribute to a good friend of Northwest Ohio. In October of this year, the great city of Atlanta, Georgia received a gift of one of Ohio's adopted sons. After 25 years in radio, including more than a dozen years in Toledo, Denny Schaffer has become one of the newest Georgia Peaches.

A native of Flint, Michigan, Denny Schaffer dominated the Toledo radio market since his debut in 1993. After hosting the Breakfast Club on 92.5 KISS-FM for 10 years, Denny moved to 1370 AM WSPD's afternoon talk show. His biting commentary and political knowledge made Denny Schaffer one of the most listened to radio personalities in Toledo.

I had the privilege of appearing on Denny Schaffer's radio show on numerous occasions. Every time I was interviewed by Denny, I found him to be fair and knowledgeable of the political climate both in Northwest Ohio and in Washington. I know that Denny's quick wit and sharp mind will entertain the people of Atlanta and keep Georgia's politicians on their toes.

A frequent Fill-In Host for the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck Show, Denny's reputation in radio precedes him to Atlanta. Denny's devotion to God, his Family and his Country will serve the Atlanta listeners of WGST Radio well. For more than a decade, Denny has hosted charity events and encouraged his loyal fans to give freely to those in need. However, Denny's devotion as a loving husband and father is the best gift he can give. I am certain that Denny's legacy as a giving and big-hearted person will follow him to Atlanta.

I joined the thousands of saddened Northwest Ohioans this past August in learning that Denny Schaffer would no longer grace our airwaves. But we consider Denny our gift to the citizens of Georgia and know that they will be well served, and certainly entertained, by his commentary, his humor, and his ability to avoid FCC rebuke

Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in paying special tribute to an adopted Ohioan, Denny Schaffer. On behalf of the people of the Fifth District of Ohio, I am honored to recognize Denny's efforts to better our community. His impact on Northwest Ohio will remain in our minds long beyond his departure and we wish Denny, his wife Sharon, and their children Olivia and Joshua all our best in the future.

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