Abroad with Mark Twain and Eugene Field/Ada's Beast of a Man


Ada's Beast of a Man

"Well, m'am, I feels all over alike. That beast of a 'usband of my pretty pet of a Ada he wouldn't let her have a van to move in when she had all that sweep of furniture that he bought for her at the market for five pounds ($25) and her chest of drawsers besides. Real, I don't feel as if I could eat a bit, I don't.

"She had to get a barrow, Ada had, and a wheel came hoff and the pretty pet had to hold it up with the long broom while the man was a-pushing of it. But I will say, she has improved her rooms in moving.

"But it didn't look at all like a man of his standing, the governor of a coal cart. And you can imagine what the neighbors said, seeing the moving on the barrow and my pretty pet holding of it up.

"But I must say she got blinds, they are those Verinkers (Venetians) you 'eard of. Sure he is a beast, my pretty pet's man. He wouldn't even put up the indecent lights for her, and she had to pay a man tuppence to do it for her while she was still a-trembling from holding up the barrow and that after paying tuppence halfpenny for the indecent lights."