Abroad with Mark Twain and Eugene Field/Jealousy in Lowland


Jealousy in Lowland
(Overheard near Billingsgate Market.)

"Hullo, how you gettin' on and how's your old man?"

"See 'ere, you remembers 'ow I looked atter 'im when he was that damn' ill and all the nourishments I got 'im. Well 'e got that strong again but 'e wouldn't go to work. So I says to 'im yesterday mornin' w'en 'e was a-sittin' over the fire smokin' his dirty pipe, 'Ain't you ever to go work no more?'

"What d'you think 'e says?

"'Ere,' he says, 'I 'ave bin a-thinkin'. Where did you get all dese 'ere nourishments from while I was sick? I do believe you had a boy. 'Ho is the man? I'll knock 'is damn' block off.'

"Now remember, maid, 'e never said a word while 'e was gettin' the nourishment down 'is gut, the beast, but afterwards 'e says dis 'ere to me. 'Ere's a beast for yer, girl."

Lady No. 2—"'Ere 'e's a-comin' along the corner. Let's scoot, maidie. 'E doesn't look good-natured at all, at all, this mornin'."