Ackermann’s Repository of Arts/Series 1/Volume 1/January 1809/Markets, Fairs, &c.


For Cattle, Horses, Sheep, &c.

Jan. 1, Wooburn.——6, Market Harborough.——10, Cawston, Knaresboro (1st Wednesday after January 13).——17, Tavistock.——18, Aylesbury, Grampound.——23, Shetheld.——25, Bodmyn, Derby, Whittlesea (Isle of Ely).——26, Adwalton.——27,Chesterfield.


Jan. 3, Tunbridge, Ryegate.——7, Preston (Lancashire).—9, Sleaford.——10, Salisbury.——16, Buckingham.——19, Banbury, Caerphilly.——20, Nottingham.——21, Pontefract.——24, Howden, Sevenoaks.——25, Knaresborough.——28, St. Neot’s.——30, Chepstow, Chesterfield, Poutypool.——31, East Grinstead, Horsham.

At Bristol cattle market, Dec 16, there was a large shew of fat cattle. Beef fetched from 50s to 66s. per cwt. Fat Mutton, from 5d to 61/2d per lb. Fat Hogs, from 10s to 11s per score. Store Pigs upon the decline.

At Bristol corn market, Dec. 15, there was no variation in the price of Corn, Malt, or Flour, since last statement. The supply is very great; sales rather livelier than last week.

Yarmouth market, Dec. 17, was well supplied with Wheat and Barley. The Wheat trade was dull, but prices much the same as last week. Barley was a more ready sale; fine dry sold for 41s; but the dark and grown, from 24s to 28s. In other Grain no variation.

At Ipswich market, on the 17th instant, there appeared a good supply of Wheat, which sold slowly, at prices varying little from those of last week; also a pretty good supply of Barley, best samples sold 1s per quarter higher than last week; ordinary sold much the same; in other articles, little or no variation. Prices as follow:——Wheat 72s to 92s; Barley 36s to 44s; Beans 54s to 57s; Boiling Pease 125s; Grey Pease 55s to 59s; and Oats 32s to 36s per quarter.

Aylesbury market, Dec. 17, Wheat declined 30s. per load. Barley was full 2s. per quarter cheaper, and Oats about 1s.——Beans and Pease nearly as last week. Prices as follow:——Wheat £20 to £23 10s. per load. Barley 38s. to 43s; Oats 35s. to 44s; Old Beans 37s to 38s; New ditto 40s to 53s; and Pease 57s to 60s. per quarter.

Norwich Corn market, on Saturday, Dec. 17, was well supplied. Wheat was higher than the preceding week, but Barley and other Grain remained much the same. Wheat 44s to 47s; Barley 12s to 20s. 5d; Beans 24s. to 27s; Oats 14s to 17s 6d; and White Pease 60s. per coomb.

Wisbech market, Dec. 17, had a plentiful supply of Wheat and Oats, without any visible alteration in price since last Saturday. Mustard Seed very dull in sale; the commission generally given by the crushers in London being nearly finished Hemp Seed scarce, and up to 40s per coomb.

Wakefield Corn market, Dec. 16, had a large supply of Wheat, by the farmers, and a tolerable supply by water, which caused a dull sale, at last week’s prices. Barley plentiful, and from 1s to 2s lower. Malt and Beans dull sale, at last week’s prices. Good mealing Oats maintain their prices.

Campden fair, on Monday, Dec. 12, was attended by all the respectable gentleman graziers in the neighborhood: there was an excellent shew of fine fat Cows and Sheep, which went off readily at advanced prices, the buyers being numerous.

At Shrewsbury fair, on Saturday, Dec. 10, and Monday, Dec. 12, Cattle obtained former prices, but Pigs were on the advance. Salt Butter at first sold at 13s 6d per gawn of 12lbs, but fell to 11s 6d before the fair closed. Cheese 50s to 63s per cwt.

East Grinstead fair, on Monday, Dec. 12, was a very large one, particularly for Runts, which were principally sold off at good prices. There were also a considerable number of country Beasts. Good Runts fetched about 3s 6d per stone.

Chichester Beast market, Dec. 21, was a very full one for Cattle, and was well attended by buyers, who purchased freely at the following prices, viz.——Beef from 4s 6d to 5s 8d; Mutton 3s 6d to 5s; Pork 4s to 5s per stone.

At Haddington Corn market, Dec 16, Wheat sold readily, with an advance in price of about 2s per boll. Barley rather dearer; best 31s, current prices 26s to 29s. Oats sold nearly at last week’s prices; highest 30s current prices 25s to 28s. Pease and Beans 29s 6d to 25s.——There were 714 bolls of Wheat in the market, whereof 665 sold at prices from 35s to 52s——Average 45s 32/12d per boll.

At Ross fair, on Monday, Dec. 10, the shew of prime Cattle was not so large as usual, but small Welch Beasts were numerous, and the sale of the former was very brisk at good prices. There was a very fine shew of Ryeland and other Sheep, which sold well; but few Horses of value, and the sale dull. Best Cheese averaged from 80s to 84s; second 63s to 74s per cwt.

Newcastle market, Dec. 17, had a brisk sale of Wheat, at an advance of 2s per quarter. Oats heavy sale, but no alteration. Barley 2s per quarter lower. Beans and Pease steady; as also Rye. Flour 1s per sack higher. Arrivals, 476 qrs. Wheat; 147 Rye; 861 Barley; and 360 Oats.

At Morpeth market, on Wednesday, Dec. 14, the supply of Cattle and Sheep was pretty large, fat met with ready sale; some inferior stood long, and were not sold. Beef from 5s 6d to 6s 6d; Mutton 6s to 7s 6d per stone, sinking offals. Wheat from 80s to 96s; Rye 68s; and Oats 25s 4d to 32s per qr.

On Wednesday, Dec. 21, 62 pockets of Hops were weighed in Stourport market; the current prices of which were from £3 14s to £4 15s per cwt.

On Saturday, Dec. 17, 333 pockets of Hops were weighed in Worcester market; current prices from £3 10s to £4 10s per cwt. Some prime samples at £4 15s. And on Dec 22, (at the new established market), 56 pockets were weighed.