All Quiet along the Potomac and other poems

All Quiet along the Potomac and other poems  (1879) 
by Ethel Lynn Beers

All Quiet Along the Potomac,







Copyright, 1879, by PORTER & COATES


THE poems now collected for the first time have been contributed during several years to various publications—the earlier ones to Harper's Magazine and Weekly, and most of the later ones to the N. Y. Ledger. Copied by other papers, with due credit given, perhaps, at first, some of them have become nameless waifs floating on the sea of print.

The poor "Picket," whose unquiet ghost refuses to remain laid "All Quiet along the Potomac," where I left him years ago, has several claimants, all with "authentic proofs of authorship," and "Which shall it Be?" reappears under various titles at regular intervals.

So I have gathered, for the friendly hands that care to hold it, this handful of white clover and daisies. I have found Life's poetry and pathos blooming beside its trodden paths and by the doorways of its homes. If some gentle heart shall find within this sheaf some treasured waif or song remembered, or if words yet unfamiliar bring to me one new friend, I have not rhymed in vain.


Orange, June 2, 1879.


ALL Quiet Along the Potomac 13
On the Shores of Tennessee 15
Whisper Softly, stainless Lilies 18
Company K 19
Our Folks 21
Picking Hops 24
On Guard 25
Fire-Proof. 27
Given, not Hired 29
Three Scenes in One Woman's Life 30
Midnight 32
No Name 34
Out of Style 36
The Evergreen's Moan 38
The November Garden 40
By the Cottonwood Tree 42
The Birds Camp-meeting 45
"Svala, Svala Honom!" 47
The Moon that Shone in Paradise 48
Straw Paper 50
Four-leaved Clover 51
Worldly Wisdom 53
Songs under the Ice 55
A Dreamer's Tale 57
Old-fashioned Flowers 59
One Summer 60
Because a Time may Come 62
A Year-old Sorrow 63
Grandma's Christmas 65
"The Common People heard Him gladly" 66
A Seat in the City Cars 68
Noonday Rest 69
Gone to the Country 71
Life's Holidays 72
Incorrigible 74
Into our New Home 76
Scattered Roses 77
St. John's Wort 79
The Doorway of Sleep 80
Which shall it Be? 82
Baby Looking out for Me 85
The Captive Cloud 86
Human Eyes 88
Life's Soldiers 89
The Black Sheep 91
Holly and Mistletoe 94
The Stranger s Prayer 96
A Word to the Old Garret 97
Daisy s Good-bye to her Doll 99
Purple 100
When Jonquils Bloom 102
One to Lose, but Three to Mourn 104
Planted by the River 106
A New Friend 107
Rich and Poor 108
Who Sails with the Ship? 116
Frost-smitten 117
Floating 119
Out with the Tide 121
Lights and Shadows 123
A November Good-Night 125
On the Stairs 126
Hidden Glory 128
Hester s Jewels 130
Dominic Day 131
Weighing the Baby 134
Fair Glances 136
The Gold Nugget 138
The Carpet of Life 140
In the Fall 142
The Boys 143
Star-Blooms 146
Cares I have Not 147
Drifted Away 149
Until Next Summer 153
In the Night 154
A Glad To-morrow 156
The Friend in Shadow 157
One Forest-Fire 159
The Waxen Lily 161
Tracks in the Snow 163
Little Jo 165
Grannie's Test 166
Nobody Knows 168
Old School and New 170
The Baggage-Wagon 171
North Conway 173
Lady Bug 175
Santa Claus's Mistake 177
The Fairie Fern 179
Courageous Fear 182
Gold and Crimson 184
The Sunken Island 186
"Rack-o Bones" 188
Don't Wake the Baby 191
Bridges 192
The Garden-Gate 194
The Wife's Letter 196
Tell me, Mother 198
The Lesson of a Shadow 199
Shadows of Threescore and Ten 201
Earth's Angels 202
The Ship of the Summer-time 204
The Gray Boatman 206
The Old Doorstone 208
The Sunshine s Story 210
A Day's Campaign 212
At Last 213
The Ones who are left Behind 216
The Reason Why 218
"With Care" 220
The Deacon's Trial 221
The Spirit's Journey to Dream-land 223
A Discontented Leaf 225
The Christmas Sheaf 227
A Lost Summer 228
John Gray, Junior 230
Mabel's Mission 232
A Question 234
Even Measure 236
Bloom above, and Labor under 238
A Shining Link 239
The Postman of the Air 241
Woman's Kingdom 242
Paris Fashions.—(War Time) 244
Over the Lake 246
Ruth and Lot 247
Beside a Fairy Fire 249
Teddy s Letter 250
Here and There 252
The Last Letter 253
The Tuberose 254
John Eliot, the Indian Apostle 256
Hymn 261
Dinners and Darns 262
The Tree of Youth 263
Attained 264
Garland or Hawser 266
The Lost Key 268
Charcoal s Story 269
Through the Mist 271
Camp-meeting Sunday at Ocean Grove 273
A Sunday Evening Beach-service at Ocean Grove 275
Better than Diamonds 277
Home from Meeting 280
The Unbidden Guest 283
Growler Grim's Dream 285
Is it Wise? 288
The Midnight Guest 289
Then and Now 291
Forgive Her? No, Never! 293
A Little While 295
Grandmother's Love-letter 297
My Namesake 299
The Dragon-Fly s Quest 300
Tree-top Trouble 302
The Rose of the Ring 303
Time's Triumph 306
The Daffodils never Forget 308
A Lover's Stratagem 310
In Danger 311
Hill and Shore 312
A Question 313
The Farmer's Wife 315
Off Barnegat 317
Reunited 321
A Bachelor's Bride 322
An Old Man 323
The Snow that lies Between 326
Sympathy 327
Aunt Abby's Wings 328
Going to Sleep 330
The Buried Ship 331
Baby-Love 333
The Baby's Coming 334
Very Early 336
The Letters that Come Not 337
The Voice of the Children's Bell 339
Hum-Bird and Bumble 340
Baby is King 342
Johnnie s Opinion of Grandmothers 344
Kitty's Cat and Mine 345
Cradle and Grave 347
Explanatory Notes

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.