Anthology of Modern Slavonic Literature in Prose and Verse/Syrmia



Beauteous Syrmia, thou my majestic,
Thou knowest naught of craggy immensities:
Thou dost not thrust thee in pride to the heavens,
Nor proffer thy love unto them,
Extending to them thy hands, naked, stone-wrought,
In vehement. ecstasy;
Thou smilest, thou only smilest.
When God created this earth,
This buxom damsel,
A creature whose heart is of fire,
Whose body is of stone and of water,
Upon thee, Frushka, he carved this comeliness,
Magical lips;
Thou smilest, thou only smilest.
This peerless smiling,
When for the first time heaven beheld it,
Downright I perceive how in enchantment
He opens his breast in its glory,
And showers upon thee rapturous blessing,
Lordliest lineage of his paradise,
Offspring of love, angel of passion,
Downright I perceive, how he vaunts to thee his paradise,

How he proffers it thee,
This bounty withheld by godly caprice,
That of itself but moulders,
Unbeheld, unenjoyed and unglorified,
How he proffers it thee,
And thou smilest, thou only smilest;
And when thou art perceived from the midst of paradise
By that ancient tree,
Of every apple the forebear,
Earliest saint and earliest sinner,
Its wound was opened
Beneath that single dissevered offshoot,
And it quivered.
Apples are shaken over thee
And in every dimple
Singly is scattered
The forbidden fruit.
In every valley of thine singly is scattered
A cloister glistening.
Unto thy lips the fruits are clinging;
Is haply the fruit forbidden eke to thee?
Ha, scion of Tantalus, Frushka the Tantalide!—
Worms devour it, spectral worms,—and thou?
Thou smilest, thou only smilest!

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