Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Fictitious Entries

See also our Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography disclaimer. These are entries which have been described as fictitious in verifiable sources. Superscripts for each fictitious entry identifies which sources list the name as fictitious. See the list of sources at the bottom of this page.

Fictitious Entries
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Sources for names of fictitious entries.
a.  Barnhart, John Hendley. "Some Fictitious Botanists." Journal of the New York Botanical Garden 20 (September 1919): 171-81. (This lists 14. It's at Google Books.)
b.  O'Brien, Frank M. "The Wayward Encyclopedias", New Yorker, XII (May 2, 1936), pp. 71-74. (This is a summary of Barnhart's article.)
c.  Schindler, Margaret Castle. "Fictitious Biography." American Historical Review 42 (1937), pp. 680-90. (This lists 47, including the 14 from Barnhart's article.)
d.  Dobson, John Blythe. "The Spurious Articles in Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography—Some New Discoveries and Considerations." Biography 16(4) 1993: 388-408. (This lists 4, in "I," not detected before.)
e.  Zorn, George, S.J. Woodstock Letters Index: Volumes 1-80 (1872-1951), Woodstock, Maryland: Woodstock College Press, 1960. Visited 13 October 2011. Search on "phantom Jesuit" or "Appleton's". (This lists 42, including 4 from Schindler's article. It has a "V" subject which wasn't picked up in Schindler's survey.)