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Edward Elmer Smith

A food engineer and early science fiction author sometimes referred to as the father of Space Opera. Also credited as E. E. Smith, Edward Elmer Smith, Ph.D., E. E. "Doc" Smith, Doc Smith and "Skylark" Smith.
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Edward Elmer Smith

Lensman Edit

  1. Triplanetary (Amazing Stories, Jan–Apr 1934)
  2. First Lensman (Fantasy Press 1950)
  3. Galactic Patrol (Astounding Stories Sep 1937 – Feb 1938, Fantasy Press 1950)
  4. Gray Lensman (Astounding Stories Oct 1939 – Jan 1940, Fantasy Press 1951)
  5. Second Stage Lensmen (Astounding Stories Nov 1941 – Feb 1942, Fantasy Press 1953)
  6. Children of the Lens (Astounding Stories Nov 1947 – Feb 1948, Fantasy Press 1954)

Set in the same universe:

  • The Vortex Blaster, also known as Masters of the Vortex (simultaneously published by Fantasy Press and Gnome Press in 1960) (compilation of the three stories below)
    • "The Vortex Blaster" (Comet, Jul 1941)
    • "Storm Cloud on Deka", Astonishing Stories (June 1942)
    • "The Vortex Blaster Makes War", Astonishing Stories (Oct 1942)

Skylark Edit

  1. The Skylark of Space (Amazing Stories, Aug–Oct 1928) written 1915–1920 with Mrs. Lee Hawkins Garby
  2. Skylark Three (Amazing Stories, Aug–Oct 1930, Fantasy Press 1948)
  3. Skylark of Valeron (Astounding Stories Aug 1934 – Feb 1935, Fantasy Press 1949)
  4. Skylark DuQuesne (Worlds of If Jun–Oct 1965, Pyramid Books 1966)

Subspace Edit

Other Edit

  • The Galaxy Primes (Amazing Stories, Mar–May 1959)
  • Masters of Space (1962) with E. Everett Evans
  • Spacehounds of IPC (Amazing Stories, Jul–Sep 1931)
  • "Robot Nemesis" (a.k.a. "What a Course!" and "Course Perilous!", Smith's contribution to the multi-authored series Cosmos, 1934)
  • "Tedric" (1953)
  • "Lord Tedric" (1954)
  • "The Imperial Stars" (1964)

The latter three stories were used as foundations for two series of novels written by others after Smith's death.

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