Author:Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald

Percy Hethrington Fitzgerald
Irish author and critic, painter and sculptor
Percy Hethrington Fitzgerald


  • Life of Laurence Sterne (1864)
  • Charles Lamb (1866)
  • Life of David Garrick (1868)
  • Fatal Zero (1869)
  • Life of George IV (1881)
  • The Kembles; Life of William IV (1884)
  • Lives of the Sheridans (1886)
  • Life of James Boswell (of Auchinleck) with an Account of His Sayings, Doings, and Writings (1891)
  • Henry Irving: A Record of Twenty Years at the Lyceum (1893)
  • A Critical Examination of Dr G. Birkbeck Hill's "Johnsonian" Editions (1898) (transcription project)
  • Boswell's Autobiography (1912)
  • The Romance of the English Stage (1874)
  • A New History of the English Stage (1882)
  • Memories of Charles Dickens (1914)
  • Worldlyman (1914)
  • Memoirs of an Author (London, 1895)


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