BIC Turntable 20Z Manual/Features of BIC Model 20Z Changer Turntable

Features of B·I·C Model 20Z Changer Turntable

BIC Turntable manual 1.png
  1. Play button — activates all turntable functions.
  2. Program — selects manual or automatic operation, shut-off and number of plays.
  3. Tonearm finger lift — designed for positive, secure manual handling of tonearm.
  4. Cartridge shell retaining screw — locks shell firmly in place.
  5. Tonearm lock — prevents damage during transport or accidental jarring.
  6. Tonearm rest — for stylus and cartridge protection.
  7. Tracking force indicator — sets desired tracking force.
  8. Tonearm set-down adjustment — adjusts set-down position of stylus at edge of record.
  9. Cueing lever — initiates safe damped lowering or raising of tonearm. . .can be used as pause control.
  10. Precision gimbal bearings — for minimal horizontal and vertical pivotal friction.
  11. Bias force adjustment knob — sets corresponding Bias force.
  12. Tonearm counterweight permits dynamic zero balancing of entire tonearm, while insuring maximum damping.
  13. Pickup height adjustment screw — user adjustable for optimum tonearm lift.
  14. Machined aluminum platter.
  15. Removable manual spindle.
  16. Record support — platform stabilizes records placed on spindle for safe two-point support during multiple play.
  17. Speed selector — shifts drive belt to 33 1/3 rpm or 45 rpm play.
  18. Suspension mounts — correlated to the mass of the turntable assembly for maximum isolation from external shock in all planes. (Not shown)

Dust Cover Installation

If not factory installed, thread the hinge pin into the pilot hole located on each side, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. (See Diagram)

Place the dust cover over the unit so that the cutouts in the cover line up with the two pins. The dust cover will properly seat and align itself with the base.

To Hinge Dust Cover

With the cover correctly positioned, grasp the front edge of the dust cover and raise, allowing the rear to pivot on the base. As you tilt the dust cover the back of the dust cover will contact the base and remain in the UP position. If you wish to lower the dust cover, simply reverse the above procedure.

BIC Turntable manual 2.png