Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Delta Beta Phi

This fraternity, which may with justice be considered to be the youngest member of the great family of Greek‑Letter organizations, was founded at Cornell University, January, 1878, by four students, chiefly lower classmen, viz.: J. D. Hamrick, I. W. Kelly, J. S. Monroe, and Willard Olney.

A movement was soon put on foot to establish other chapters, and has resulted as follows:

  1. Alpha, Cornell University, 1878.
  2. Phi, Lehigh University, 1878.
  3. Sigma, Pennsylvania University, 1878.
  4. Psi, Lafayette College, 1878.
  5. Delta, New York City College, 1878.

The Alpha Chapter is an excellent one. The Phi, chiefly formed by members of the class of 1881, is poor, and is not flourishing. The Psi was formed from a local organization called "ΝΦΜ" established the previous year, and the Delta was built on the ruins of the ΑΩ of the same age as the society just mentioned.

The society badge is a rhomb like that of D. K. E. and Psi U., and has engraved on it the letters "ΔΒΦ," under which is placed a pair of crossed keys. There is also a star in each corner of the diamond. The colors are garnet and black.