Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Delta Psi (Vermont)

* See under Delta Upsilon.

The local fraternity of the above name was founded at Vermont University, in 1850, by Jon E. Goodrich, now professor in the university; Otis D. Smith, of Alabama; A. E. Leavenworth, of Vermont; George G. Gilbert, of Nebraska; H. M:. Wallace, of California; O. D. Barrett, of Washington, D. C.; and H. B. Buckham, of Buffillo, N. Y.

The object of the fraternity is to promote literary culture and a spirit of earnest friendship among its members. Students in the classical departmcnt only are eligible to membership.

The badge of the Delta Psi is composed of a gold monogram of the letters, the “Δ” being placed directly on the “Ψ.” The total membership to date is 226.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the foundation was celebrated at Burlington, in 1875, and proved a very enjoyable occasion for all who participated.