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Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities (1879)/Kappa Sigma Kappa

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The above fraternity was founded at the Virginia Military Institute, in September, 1867, by Messrs. Worrell, Hurst, Tuwiller, and McDonald, together with one or two others. The chapter roll is as follows:

  1. Gamma, Virginia Military Institute.
  2. Epsilon, Washington-Lee University.
  3. Zeta, Virginia Agricultural College.
  4. Delta, Virginia University.
  5. Omicron, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  6. Alpha, Savannah, Georgia.
  7. Theta, Alexandria, Virginia.
  8. Lambda, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Alpha, Theta, Omicron, and Lambda are graduate chapters; the remaining four are all active, and are in a flourishing condition. The total number of members is probably near 250. The fraternity’s color is light blue. The badge is a Greek cross, in the centre of which is placed a circular disk displaying the letters “ΚΣΚ.” The arms of the cross are chased, and the disk is either jewelled or plain.