English-language translations of
Bατραχομυομaχία (The Battle of the Frogs and Mice) (7th century BCE)
attributed to Homer
Batrachomyomachia is an ancient Greek comic epic or parody on the Iliad, traditionally - but most likely incorrectly - attributed to Homer.
The following list covers all known English 'translations' (some extremely loose) of Bατραχομυομaχία up to the 1920's. It is derived from English translations from the Greek, a bibliographical survey (1918) by Finley Melville Kendall Foster, pp. 62-76, which was supplemented by Bush, J. N. Douglas (1926), "English Translations of Homer", PMLA, 41 (2): pp. 335–41. 

More recently, the period 1550 to 1800 has been re-covered by Cummings, Robert (2009), "Translations from Greek and Latin Classics 1550–1700: A Revised Bibliography", Translation and Literature, 18 (1): 1–42.  and Gillespie, Stuart (2009), "Translations from Greek and Latin Classics, Part 2: 1701—1800: A Revised Bibliography", Translation and Literature, 18 (2): 181–224. 

3132752Bατραχομυομaχία (The Battle of the Frogs and Mice)
English-language translations of Bατραχομυομaχία include:


  1. This anonymously edited book contains translations of various Greek texts. The version of the Batrachomyomachia it includes is Parnell's.