Bible (Bishops')/Mark

Chapter 1Edit

1The begynnyng of the Gospel of Iesu Christ, the sonne of God.

2As it hath ben written in the prophetes: Beholde, I sende my messenger before thy face, whiche shall prepare thy waye before thee.

3A voyce of hym that crieth in the wyldernesse: Prepare ye the waye of the Lorde, and make his pathes strayght.

4Iohn did baptize in the wyldernesse, and preached the baptisme of repentaunce, for the remission of sinnes.

5And all the land of Iurie, and they of Hierusalem, went out vnto hym, and were all baptized of hym in the ryuer of Iordane, confessyng their synnes.

6Iohn was clothed with Camelles heere, and with a girdle of a skynne about his loynes: and he did eate locustes and wylde hony.

7And preached, saying: He that is stronger then I, commeth after me, whose shoe latchet I am not worthy to stowpe downe, and vnloose.

8I haue baptized you with water: but he shal baptize you with the holy ghost.

9And it came to passe in those dayes, that Iesus came fro Nazareth, of Galilee, & was baptized of Iohn in Iordane.

10And assone as he was come vp out of the water, he sawe heauen open, & the spirite descending vpon him like a doue.

11And there came a voyce from heauen: Thou art my deare sonne, in whom I am well pleased.

12And immediatly the spirite driueth hym into wyldernesse.

13And he was there in the wyldernesse fourtie dayes, and was tempted of Satan, & was with wylde beastes. And the Angels ministred vnto hym.

14After that Iohn was deliuered [to prison] Iesus came into Galilee, preachyng the Gospell of the kyngdome of God,

15And saying: The tyme is come, and the kyngdome of God is at hande: repent, and beleue the Gospell.

16As he walked by the sea of Galilee, he sawe Simon, and Andrewe his brother, castyng nettes into the sea (for they were fysshers.)

17And Iesus saide vnto them: Folowe me, and I wyll make you to become fysshers of men.

18And strayghtway they forsoke their nettes, and folowed hym.

19And when he had gone a litle further thence, he saw Iames the sonne of Zebedee, and Iohn his brother, which also were in the shippe, mendyng their nettes.

20And anone he called them: And they lefte their father Zebedee in the shippe with the hired seruauntes, and folowed hym.

21And they came into Capernaum, & strayghtway, on the Sabboth dayes, he entred into the synagogue, & taught.

22And they were astonyed at his learnyng: For he taught them, as one that had aucthoritie, & not as the Scribes.

23And there was in their synagogue, a man vexed with an vncleane spirite, & he cried,

24Saying: Alas, what haue we [to do] with thee, thou Iesus of Nazareth? Art thou come to destroy vs? I knowe thee what thou art, euen that holy one of God.

25And Iesus rebuked hym, saying: holde thy peace, and come out of hym.

26And when the vncleane spirite hadde torne hym, & cryed with a loude voyce, he came out of hym.

27And they were all amased, insomuch that they demaunded one of another among them selues, saying: What thing is this? What newe doctrine is this? For with aucthoritie commaunded he the fowle spirites, and they obeyed him.

28And immediatly his fame spread abrode throughout all the region borderyng on Galilee.

29And foorthwith, when they were come out of the synagogue, they entred into the house of Simon, and Andrewe, with Iames, and Iohn.

30But Simons wyues mother lay sicke of a feuer: & anone they tell hym of her.

31And he came, & toke her by the hande, and lyft her vp: and immediatly the feuer forsoke her, and [she] ministred vnto them.

32And at euen, when the sonne was downe, they brought vnto hym all that were diseased, and them that were vexed with deuyls:

33And all the citie was gathered together at the dore.

34And he healed many, that were sicke of diuers diseases, and caste out many deuyls: and suffred not the deuyls to speake, because they knewe hym.

35And in the mornyng, before day, Iesus, when he was rysen vp, departed, and went out into a solitarie place, and there prayed.

36And Simon, & they that were with hym, folowed after hym:

37And when they had founde hym, they sayde vnto hym: all men seke for thee.

38And he saide vnto them: let vs go into the nexte townes, that I may preache there also: for, therfore am I come.

39And he preached in their synagogues, in all Galilee, and cast the deuyls out.

40And there came a leper to hym, besechyng him, and knelyng downe to him, and saying vnto hym: If thou wylt, thou canst make me cleane.

41And Iesus had compassion on hym, and put foorth his hande, touched hym, and sayth vnto hym: I wyll, be thou cleane.

42And assoone as he had spoken, immediatly the leprosie departed from hym, and he was made cleane.

43And after he had geuen hym a strayte commaundement, he sent hym away foorthwith.

44And sayth vnto hym: See thou saye nothing to any man, but get thee hence, shew thy selfe to the priest, and offer for thy clensyng those thinges which Moyses commaunded, for a witnesse vnto them.

45But he, assoone as he was departed, began to tell many thynges, and to publishe the saying: insomuch, that Iesus could no more openly enter into the citie, but was without in desert places: And they came to him from euery quarter.

Chapter 2Edit

1After [a fewe] dayes also, he entred into Capernaum agayne, and it was noysed yt he was in the house.

2And anone many were gathered together, in somuch that nowe there was no rowme to receaue them, no, not so muche as about the dore: and he preached the word vnto them.

3And they came vnto hym, bryngyng one sicke of the paulsie, whiche was borne of foure men.

4And when they coulde not come nye vnto hym for prease, they vncouered the roofe [of the house] that he was in: And whe they had broken vp the roofe, they dyd [with cordes] let downe the bedde, wherin the sicke of the paulsie lay.

5When Iesus sawe their fayth, he saide vnto the sicke of the paulsie: Sonne, thy synnes be forgeuen thee.

6But there were certayne of the scribes syttyng there, and reasonyng in theyr heartes:

7Why doeth he thus speake blasphemies? Who can forgeue sinnes, but God only?

8And immediatly, when Iesus perceaued in his spirite, that they so reasoned within them selues, he saith vnto them: why reason ye suche thynges in your heartes?

9Whether is it easyer to say to the sicke of the paulsie, thy synnes be forgeuen thee: or to say, aryse, take vp thy bedde, and walke?

10But that ye may know, that the sonne of man hath power in earth to forgeue synnes (He spake vnto the sicke of the paulsie)

11I saye vnto thee, aryse, and take vp thy bedde, and get thee hence vnto thine house.

12And immediatly he arose, toke vp the bedde, and went foorth before them all: insomuch that they were all amazed, & glorified God, saying: we neuer sawe it on this fashion.

13And he went againe vnto the sea: and all the people resorted vnto him, and he taught them.

14And as Iesus passed bye, he sawe Leui [the sonne] of Alphee, sittyng at the receipt of custome, and sayde vnto hym: folowe me. And he arose, and folowed hym.

15And it came to passe, that when Iesus sate at meate in his house, many publicanes and sinners sate also together at meate with Iesus and his disciples: for there were many that folowed him.

16And when the scribes and pharisees sawe hym eate with publicanes and sinners, they saide vnto his disciples: howe is it that he eateth and drynketh with publicanes and synners?

17When Iesus hearde that, he saide vnto them: They that be whole, haue no nede of the phisition, but they that are sicke: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentaunce.

18And the disciples of Iohn, & the Pharisees dyd fast. And they come, and say vnto him: Why do ye disciples of Iohn, and of the Pharisees fast, but thy disciples fast not?

19And Iesus sayde vnto them: Can the chyldren of the brydechaumber fast, whyle the brydegrome is with them? As long as they haue the brydegrome with them, they can not fast.

20But the dayes wyll come, when the brydegrome shalbe taken awaye from them, and then shall they fast in those dayes.

21No man also soweth a peece of newe cloth, vnto an olde garment: otherwayes, his newe peece taketh awaye from the olde, and so the rent is made worse.

22And no man powreth newe wine into olde vessels: els the newe wine doth burst the vessels, and the wine runneth out, and the vessels are marred: But newe wine, must be put into newe vessels.

23And it came to passe, that he went thorowe the corne fieldes on the Sabboth dayes, and his disciples began by ye way to plucke the eares of corne.

24And the pharisees sayde vnto hym: Beholde, why do they on the Sabboth dayes, that which is not lawfull?

25And he sayde vnto them: Haue ye neuer read what Dauid did, when he had nede, and was an hungred, both he, and they that were with hym?

26Howe he went into the house of God [in the dayes] of Abiathar the hye prieste, and dyd eate the shewe bread, which is not lawfull to eate, but for the priestes, and gaue also to them which were with hym?

27And he sayde vnto them: The Sabboth was made for man, and not man for the Sabboth.

28Therfore is the sonne of man, Lorde also of the Sabboth.

Chapter 3Edit

1And he entred agayne into the synagogue, & a man was there whiche had a wythered hande:

2And they watched hym, whether he woulde heale hym on the Sabboth daye, that they myght accuse hym.

3And he saide vnto the man which had the wythered hande: Aryse, [and stande] in the myddes.

4And he saide vnto them: Is it lawful to do good on the Sabboth dayes, or to do euyl? to saue lyfe, or to kyll? But they helde their peace.

5And when he had loked rounde about on them with anger, mournyng for the hardnesse of their heartes, he sayth to the man: stretch foorth thyne hande. And he stretched it out: And his hande was restored, euen as whole as the other.

6And the pharisees departed, and strayghtway gathered a councell, with the Herodians, agaynst hym, that they myght destroy hym.

7But Iesus auoyded, with his disciples, to the sea: And a great multitude folowed hym from Galilee, and from Iurie,

8And from Hierusalem, & from Idumea, and from beyonde Iordane, and they that dwelled about Tyre & Sidon, a great multitude [of men:] Which, whe they had hearde what thynges he dyd, came vnto hym.

9And Iesus comaunded his disciples, that a shippe shoulde wayte on hym, because of the people, leste they shoulde thronge hym.

10For he had healed many: insomuche, that they preassed vpon him for to touch hym, as many as had plagues.

11And when the vncleane spirites sawe hym, they fell downe before hym, and cryed, saying: Thou art the sonne of God.

12And he straytely charged them, that they shoulde not make hym knowen.

13And he went vp into a mountayne, & called vnto him whom he woulde: and they came vnto hym.

14And he ordeyned twelue, that they shoulde be with him, and that he might sende them foorth to preache,

15And that they myght haue power to heale sicknesses, and to cast out deuyls.

16And he gaue vnto Simon to name, Peter.

17And he called Iames [the sonne] of Zebedee, and Iohn, Iames brother (and gaue them to name Boanarges, which is to say, the sonnes of thunder.)

18And Andrewe, and Philip, and Bartholomewe, and Matthewe, and Thomas, and Iames the sonne of Alphee, and Thaddeus, and Simon Cananite,

19And Iudas Iscariot, which also betrayed hym. And they came into the house:

20And the people assembled together agayne, so that they had no leysure so much as to eate bread.

21And when they that belonged vnto hym, hearde of it, they went out to laye handes vpon hym: For they sayde, he is madde.

22And the scribes whiche came downe from Hierusalem, sayde: He hath Beelzebub, and by the chiefe deuyll, casteth he out deuyls.

23And he called them vnto hym, & sayde vnto them in parables: Howe can Satan driue out Satan?

24And yf a realme be deuided agaynst it selfe, that realme can not endure.

25And yf a house be deuided agaynst it selfe, that house can not continue.

26And yf Satan make insurrection agaynst him selfe & be deuided, he can not continue, but hath an ende.

27No man can enter into a strong mans house, and take away his goodes, except he first bynde the strong man, and then spoyle his house.

28Ueryly I say vnto you, al sinnes shalbe forgeuen vnto the chyldren of men, & blasphemies wherewith so euer they haue blasphemed:

29But he that speaketh blasphemie agaynst the holy ghoste, hath neuer forgeuenesse, but is in daunger of eternall dampnation.

30For they sayde: he hath an vncleane spirite.

31There came also his mother, and his brethren, and stoode without, and sent vnto hym, to call hym out.

32And the people sate about him, & saide vnto hym: Beholde, thy mother and thy brethren seke for thee without.

33And he aunswered them, saying: who is my mother, and my brethren?

34And when he had loked rounde about on his disciples, which sate in compasse about hym, he sayde: Beholde my mother, and my brethren.

35For whosoeuer doeth the wyl of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.

Chapter 4Edit

1And he began agayne to teache by the sea syde: And ther gathered vnto hym much people, so greatly, that he entred into a shippe, and sate in the sea: and all the people was by the sea syde on the shore:

2And he taught them many thinges by parables, and sayde vnto them in his doctrine.

3Hearken: Beholde, there went out a sower to sowe:

4And it fortuned as he sowed, that some fell by the way syde, and the fowles of the ayre came, and deuoured it vp.

5Some fell on stonie grounde, where it had not muche earth: and immediatly sprange vp, because it had not deapth of earth.

6But assoone as the sonne was vp, it caught heate: and because it hadde not roote, it wythered away.

7And some fell among thornes: and the thornes grewe vp, and choked it, and it gaue no fruite.

8And some fell vpon good grounde, and dyd yelde fruite, that sprang vp, and grewe, and brought foorth, some thirtie folde, and some sixtie folde, and some an hundred folde.

9And he saide vnto them: He that hath eares to heare, let hym heare.

10And when he was alone, they that were about hym, with the twelue, asked of hym the parable.

11And he sayde vnto them: To you it is geuen to knowe the misterie of the kingdome of God: But vnto them that are without, all thynges are done by parables,

12That when they see, they may see and not discerne: and whe they heare, they may heare and not vnderstande, lest at any tyme, they shoulde turne, and their sinnes shoulde be forgeuen them.

13And he sayde vnto them: Knowe ye not this parable? And howe then wyll ye knowe all other parables?

14The sower, soweth the worde.

15And they [that receaued seede] by the way side, are those where the worde is sowe: but when they haue hearde, Satan cometh immediatly, and taketh away the word that was sowen in their heartes.

16And lykewyse they that receaue seede into the stonie grounde, are they, which when they haue hearde the worde, at once receaue it with gladnesse.

17Yet haue no roote in them selues, and so endure but a tyme: and anone when trouble and persecution aryseth for the wordes sake, immediatlye they are offended.

18And those be they that receaue seede among thornes: and those [I saye] are such as heare the worde,

19And the cares of this worlde, and the deceytfulnesse of ryches, and the lustes of other thynges enter in, and choke the worde, and it is made vnfruitefull.

20And they whiche receaue seede into good grounde, are suche as heare the worde, and receaue it, so that one corne doth bryng foorth thirtie, some sixtie, some an hundred.

21And he saide vnto them: Is the candle lyghted to be put vnder a busshell, or vnder the table? And not to be put on a candelsticke?

22For there is nothing so priuie that shal not be opened: neither hath it ben so secrete, but that it shall come abrode.

23If any man haue eares to heare, let hym heare.

24And he sayde vnto them, take heede what ye heare: With what measure ye meate, with the same shall it be measured to you agayne. And vnto you that heare, shall more be geuen.

25For vnto hym that hath, shall it be geuen: and from hym that hath not, shalbe taken away, euen that which he hath.

26And he sayde, so is the kyngdome of God: euen as yf a man shoulde sowe seede in the grounde,

27And shoulde slepe, and ryse vp nyght and day, and the seede shoulde spryng & growe vp, he knoweth not howe.

28For the earth bringeth foorth fruite of her selfe, first the blade, then the eare, after that, the full corne in the eare.

29But when the fruite is brought foorth, anone he thrusteth in the sickle, because the haruest is come.

30And he sayde: Wherevnto shall we lyken the kyngdome of God? Or with what comparyson shall we compare it?

31It is like a grayne of mustarde seede, whiche when it is sowen in the earth, is lesse then all seedes that be in the earth.

32When it is sowen, it groweth vp, and is greater then all hearbes, and beareth great braunches, so that the fowles of the ayre may make their nestes vnder the shadowe of it.

33And with many such parables preached he the worde vnto them, as they were able to heare it.

34But without parable spake he nothing vnto them. But when they were alone, he expounded all thynges to his disciples.

35And the same day, when euen was come, he saide vnto them: Let vs passe ouer vnto the other syde.

36And they left the people, and toke him, euen as he was in the shippe. And there were also with him, other litle shippes.

37And there arose a great storme of wynde, and the waues dasshed into the shippe, so that it was nowe full.

38And he was in the sterne a slepe on a pelowe. And they awaked hym, and sayde vnto hym: Maister, carest thou not that we peryshe?

39And he arose, and rebuked the wynde, and saide vnto the sea, peace and be styll. And the wynde ceassed, & there folowed a great calme.

40And he sayde vnto them: why are ye so fearefull? Howe is it, that ye haue no fayth?

41And they feared exceadyngly, and sayde one to another: Who is this? For both wynde and sea obey hym.

Chapter 5Edit

1And they came ouer to the other syde of the sea, into the countrey of the Gadarenites.

2And when he was come out of the shippe, immediatly there met hym from among the tombes, a man [possessed] of an vncleane spirite:

3Which had his abidyng among the tombes: And no man coulde bynde him, no not with cheynes,

4Because, that when he was often bounde with fetters and cheynes, he plucked the cheynes a sunder, and brake the fetters in peeces: Neither coulde any man tame hym.

5And alwayes, nyght and day, he was in the mountaynes, and in the tombes, crying, and beatyng hym selfe with stones.

6But when he had spied Iesus a farre of, he ranne, and worshypped hym,

7And cried with a loude voyce, & sayde: what haue I to do with thee Iesus thou sonne of the most hyest God? I require thee in the name of God, that thou torment me not.

8(For he sayde vnto hym: come out of the man thou foule spirite.)

9And he asked hym, what is thy name? And he aunswered and sayd vnto hym: my name is legion, for we are many.

10And he prayed hym instantly, that he woulde not sende them away, out of the countrey.

11But there was there, nye vnto the mountaynes, a great hearde of swyne feedyng.

12And all the deuyls besought hym, saying: sende vs into the swyne, that we may enter into them.

13And anone Iesus gaue them leaue. And the vncleane spirites went out, and entred into the swyne: And the hearde ran headlong into the sea, (they were about two thousande,) & were drowned in the sea.

14And the swyneheardes fled, and tolde it in the citie, and in the countrey. And they went out for to see what was done:

15And came to Iesus, and sawe hym that was vexed with the fiende, and had the legion, syt, both clothed, and in his right mynde: & they were afraide.

16And they that sawe it, tolde them, howe it came to passe to hym that was possessed with the deuyll: and also of the swyne.

17And they beganne to pray hym, that he woulde depart out of their coastes.

18And when he was come into the shippe, he that had [ben possessed] with the deuyll, prayed hym, that he myght be with hym.

19Howebeit, Iesus woulde not suffer hym, but sayde vnto hym: go home to thy frendes, and shewe them howe great thynges the Lorde hath done for thee, and howe he had compassion on thee.

20And he departed, and beganne to publyshe in the ten cities, howe great thynges Iesus had done for hym: and all men dyd maruayle.

21And when Iesus was come ouer agayne by shippe, vnto the other syde, much people gathered vnto hym, and he was nye vnto the sea.

22And beholde, there came one of the rulers of the synagogue, whose name was Iairus: and when he sawe hym, he fell downe at his feete,

23And besought hym greatly, saying: my young daughter lieth at poynt of death, [I pray thee] come and lay thy hande on her, that she may be safe, and lyue.

24And he went with hym, and much people folowed him, and thronged him.

25And there was a certayne woman, which had ben diseased of an issue of blood twelue yeres,

26And had suffred many thynges, of many phisitions, and had spent all that she had, and felt none amendemet at all, but rather the worse.

27When she had hearde of Iesus, she came in the prease behynde hym, and touched his garment.

28For she sayde: yf I may but touche his clothes, I shalbe whole.

29And strayghtway the fountayne of her blood was dryed vp: & she felt in her body, that she was healed of ye plague.

30And Iesus immediatly, knowyng in hym selfe, that vertue proceaded from hym, turned hym about in the prease, and sayde: who touched my clothes?

31And his disciples sayde vnto hym: thou seest the people thrust thee, & askest thou, who dyd touche me?

32And he loked rounde about, for to see her that had done this thyng.

33But the woman, fearyng & tremblyng, knowyng what was done within her, came, and fell downe before hym, and tolde hym all the trueth.

34And he sayde vnto her: Daughter thy fayth hath saued thee, go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.

35Whyle he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogues [house], certayne, which sayde: thy daughter is dead, why diseasest thou the maister any further?

36Assoone as Iesus hearde the worde that was spoken, he sayde vnto the ruler of the synagogue, be not afrayde, only beleue.

37And he suffred no man to folowe him, saue Peter, and Iames, and Iohn the brother of Iames.

38And he came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and sawe the tumult, and them that wept & wayled greatly.

39And went in, and sayde vnto them: why make ye this a doe, and wepe? the damsell is not dead, but slepeth.

40And they laught hym to scorne: But he put them all out, and taketh the father and the mother of the damsell, and them that were with hym, and entreth in where the damsell laye,

41And taketh the damsell by the hande, and sayth vnto her. Talitha cumi, which is, yf one do interprete it, damsell (I say vnto thee) aryse.

42And strayghtway the damsell arose, and walked: For she was of the age of twelue yeres. And they were astonyed out of measure.

43And he charged them straytly, that no man shoulde knowe of it: and commaunded to geue her meate.

Chapter 6Edit

1And he departed thence, & came into his owne countrey, and his disciples folowed him.

2And when the sabboth day was come, he beganne to teache in the synagogue: And many that hearde hym, were astonyed, and sayde: from whence hath he these thynges? And what wisdome is this that is geuen vnto hym? and such myghtie workes that are wrought by his handes?

3Is not this the carpenter Maries sonne, the brother of Iames & Ioses, and of Iuda and Simon? and are not his sisters here with vs? And they were offended at hym.

4Iesus sayde vnto them, that a prophete is not without honour, but in his owne countrey, and among his owne kynne, and in his owne house.

5And he coulde there shewe no mightie worke: but layde his handes vpon a fewe sicke folke, and healed them.

6And he marueyled, because of their vnbeliefe. And he went about by the townes that lay on euery syde, teachyng.

7And he called the twelue, and beganne to sende them foorth, two and two, and gaue the power ouer vncleane spirites.

8And commaunded them, that they shoulde take nothyng in their iourney, saue a staffe only: no scrippe, no bread, no money in their purse.

9But shoulde be shoed with sandales: And that they shoulde not put on two coates.

10And he sayde vnto them: Whersoeuer ye enter into an house, there abyde tyll ye depart thence.

11And whosoeuer shall not receaue you nor heare you, when ye depart thence, shake of the dust that is vnder your feet, for a witnesse vnto them: I say veryly vnto you, it shalbe easyer for the Sodomites and the Gomorrheans in the day of iudgement, then for that citie.

12And they went out, & preached, that men should repent.

13And they cast out many deuyls, and annoynted many that were sicke, with oyle, and healed them.

14And king Herode hearde [of hym] for his name was spread abrode: And he sayde, Iohn Baptist is rysen agayne from the dead, and therefore myghtie workes do shewe foorth them selues in hym.

15Other saide, it is Elias. Some saide, it is a prophete, or as one of the prophetes.

16But when Herode hearde of hym, he saide: It is Iohn, whom I beheaded, he is rysen from death agayne.

17For Herode himselfe had sent foorth, and layde handes vpon Iohn, & bounde hym in pryson, for Herodias sake, his brother Philippes wyfe, because he had maryed her.

18For Iohn sayde vnto Herode: It is not lawful for thee to haue thy brothers wyfe.

19Therefore Herodias layde wayte for hym, and woulde haue kylled hym: but she coulde not.

20For Herode feared Iohn, knowyng that he was a iuste man and an holye, and gaue hym reuerence: and when he hearde hym, he dyd many thynges, and hearde hym gladly.

21And whe a conuenient day was come, that Herode on his birth daye made a supper to the lordes, hye captaynes, and chiefe estates of Galilee.

22And when the daughter of the same Herodias came in, and daunced, and pleased Herode, and them that sate at boorde also, the kyng said vnto the damsell: Aske of me what thou wylt, and I wyll geue it thee.

23And he sware vnto her: Whatsoeuer thou shalt aske of me, I wyll geue it thee, euen vnto the one halfe of my kingdome.

24And she went foorth, & sayde vnto her mother: What shall I aske? She saide, Iohn Baptistes head.

25And she came in strayghtwaye, with haste, vnto the kyng, and asked, saying: I wyll, that thou geue me by and by in a charger, the head of Iohn Baptist.

26And the kyng was sory, howebeit, for his othes sake, & for their sakes whiche sate at supper also, he woulde not caste her of.

27And immediatlye the kyng sent the hangman, and commaunded his head to be brought in: And he went, and beheaded hym in the pryson,

28And brought his head in a charger, & gaue it to the damsell, and the damsell gaue it to her mother.

29And when his disciples hearde of it, they came, and toke vp his body, and layed it in a tombe.

30And the Apostles gathered themselues together vnto Iesus, and tolde hym all thynges, both what they had done, and what they had taught.

31And he sayde vnto them: Come ye alone out of the way, into ye wyldernesse, and rest awhyle: For there were many commers and goers, and they had no leysure, so much as to eate.

32And he wet by shippe out of the way, into a desert place.

33And the people spyed them, when they departed, and many knewe hym, and ranne a foote thyther, out of all cities, & came thyther before them, and came together vnto hym.

34And Iesus went out, and sawe much people, and had compassion on them, because they were lyke sheepe, not hauyng a sheepheard: And he began to teache them many thynges.

35And when the day was nowe farre spent, his disciples came vnto hym, saying: This is a desert place, & nowe the tyme is farre passed:

36Let them departe, that they may go into the countrey rounde about, and into the townes, and bye them bread: for they haue nothyng to eate.

37He aunswered and sayde vnto them: geue ye them to eate. And they saide vnto him: Shall we go and bye two hundred penyworth of bread, & geue them to eate?

38He sayde vnto them: Howe many loaues haue ye, go loke? And when they had searched, they sayde, fyue, and two fisshes.

39And he commaunded them, to make them all sit downe by companies vpon the greene grasse.

40And they sate downe, here a rowe, and there a rowe, by hundredes, & by fifties.

41And when he had take the fiue loaues and the two fisshes, and loked vp to heauen, he blessed, and brake the loaues, & gaue them to his disciples to set before them: and the two fisshes deuided he among them all.

42And they all did eate, & were satisfied.

43And they toke vp twelue baskets full, of the fragmentes, & of the fisshes.

44And they that dyd eate, were about fyue thousande men.

45And straightway, he constrayned his disciples to go into the shippe, and to go ouer the sea before, vnto Bethsaida, whyle he sent away the people.

46And assoone as he had sent them away, he departed into a mountayne to pray.

47And when euen was come, the ship was in the myddes of the sea, and he alone on the lande.

48And he sawe them troubled in rowyng (for the wynde was contrary vnto them:) And about the fourth watche of the nyght, he came vnto them, walking vppon the sea, and woulde haue passed by them.

49But when they sawe hym walkyng vpon the sea, they supposed it had ben a spirite, and cryed out.

50For they all sawe him, & were afraide. And anone he talked with them, & saide vnto them: Be of good cheare, it is I, be not afrayde.

51And he went vp vnto them into the shippe, and the wynde ceassed, and they were sore amased in themselues beyond measure, and marueyled.

52For they vnderstoode not [the miracle] of the loaues, because their heart was hardened.

53And when they had passed ouer, they came into the lande of Genezareth, and drewe vp into the hauen.

54And assoone as they were come out of the shippe, straightway they knew him,

55And ranne foorth throughout all the region rounde about, & began to carry about in beddes those that were sicke, thither, where they heard that he was.

56And whethersoeuer he entred, into townes, cities, or villages, they layde the sicke folkes in the streates, & prayed him that they myght touche and it were but the hemme of his garment: And as many as touched it, were made whole.

Chapter 7Edit

1And the pharisees came together vnto hym, & certayne of the scribes which came from Hierusalem.

2And whe they sawe some of his disciples eate bread with common [that is to say, with vnwasshen] hands, they founde fault.

3For the pharisees and all the Iewes, except they wasshe their handes oft, eate not, obseruing the traditions of ye elders.

4And [when they come] from the market, except they wasshe, they eate not. And many other things there be, which they haue taken vpon them to obserue [as] the wasshyng of cuppes and pottes, and brasen vessels, and of tables.

5Then asked hym the pharisees and scribes: Why walke not thy disciples accordyng to the traditio of the elders, but eate bread with vnwasshen handes?

6He aunswered, and sayde vnto them, that Esaias hath prophesied well of you hypocrites, as it is written: This people honoreth me with their lippes, but their heart is farre from me.

7Howebeit, in vayne do they worship me, teachyng doctrines, the commaundementes of men.

8For ye laye the commaundement of God apart, and obserue the tradition of me: as the wasshing of pottes & cuppes. And many other such like thinges ye do.

9And he sayde vnto them: Well, ye cast asyde the commaundement of God, to mayntayne your owne tradition.

10For Moyses sayde, Honor thy father and thy mother: and, who so curseth father or mother, let him dye the death.

11But ye say, yf a man shall say to father or mother Corban (that is, by the gyft) that [is offred] of me, thou shalt be helped.

12And so ye suffer hym no more to do ought for his father or his mother.

13And make the worde of God of none effect, through your tradition, which ye haue ordeyned. And many such thinges do ye.

14And when he had called all the people vnto hym, he saide vnto them: Hearken vnto me, euery one of you, and vnderstande.

15There is nothyng without a man, that can defyle hym, when it entreth into hym: But the thynges whiche proceade out of a man, those are they that defyle the man.

16If any man haue eares to heare, let hym heare.

17And when he came into the house, away from the people, his disciples asked hym of the similitude.

18And he sayde vnto them: Are ye also so without vnderstandyng? Do ye not yet perceaue, that whatsoeuer thing fro without, entreth into a man, it can not defyle hym,

19Because it entreth not into his heart, but into the belly, and goeth out into the draught, purgyng all meates?

20And he sayde: That which commeth out of a man, defyleth the man.

21For from within, euen out of the heart of men, proceade euyll thoughtes, adulterie, fornication, murther,

22Theft, couetousnes, wickednes, deceit, wantonnes, a wicked eye, blasphemies, pride, foolyshnes.

23All these euyll thynges come fro within, and defyle a man.

24And from thence he rose, and went into the borders of Tyre and Sidon, & entred into an house, and woulde that no man shoulde haue knowen: but he coulde not be hyd.

25For a certayne woman, whose young daughter hadde an vncleane spirite, assoone as she hearde of hym, came, & fell at his feete.

26The woman was a Greke, out of the nation of Syrophenissa: & she besought hym, that he woulde cast out the deuyll from her daughter.

27But Iesus saide vnto her, let the children first be fedde: For it is not meete to take the chyldrens bread, and to caste it vnto litle dogges.

28She aunswered, and saide vnto hym, euen so Lorde: neuerthelesse, the litle dogges also eate vnder the table, of the chyldrens crumbes.

29And he sayde vnto her: For this saying, go thy way, the deuyll is gone out of thy daughter.

30And when she was come home to her house, she founde that the deuyll was departed, and her daughter lying on the bedde.

31And he departed agayne from the coastes of Tyre and Sidon, & came vnto the sea of Galilee, through the middes of the coastes of the ten cities.

32And they brought vnto hym one that was deafe, and had an impediment in his speache: and they prayed him to put his hande vpon hym.

33And when he had taken hym asyde from the people, he put his fyngers into his cares, and dyd spyt, and touched his tongue,

34And loked vp to heauen, and syghed, and sayde vnto him Ephphatha, that is to say, be opened.

35And straightway his eares were opened, and the stryng of his tongue was loosed, and he spake playne.

36And he commaunded them, that they shoulde tell no man: But the more he forbad them, so much the more a great deale they published it.

37And were beyonde measure astonyed, saying: He hath done all thynges well, he hath made both the deafe to heare, and the dumbe to speake.

Chapter 8Edit

1In those dayes, when there was a very great company, and had nothyng to eate, Iesus called his disciples to him, & saide vnto them:

2I haue compassio on the people, because they haue nowe ben with me three dayes, and haue nothyng to eate:

3And yf I sende them away fastyng to their owne houses, they shall faynt by the way: for diuers of them came fro farre.

4And his disciples aunswered hym: From whence can a man satisfie these men with bread here in the wildernesse?

5And he asked the: Howe many loaues haue ye? They sayde, seuen.

6And he commaunded the people to sit downe on the grounde: And he toke the seuen loaues, and when he had geuen thankes, he brake, and gaue to his disciples, to set before them: And they dyd set them before the people.

7And they hadde a fewe small fysshes: And when he had blessed, he commaunded them also to be set before them.

8So they dyd eate, and were suffised: And they toke vp of the broken meate that was left, seuen baskettes full.

9And they that had eaten, were about foure thousand: And he sent the away.

10And anone he entred into a shippe, with his disciples, and came into the parties of Dalmanutha.

11And the Pharisees came foorth, and began to dispute with hym, sekyng of him a signe from heauen, tempting him.

12And when he had sighed depely in his spirite, he sayth: Why doth this generatio seke a signe? Ueryly I say vnto you, there shall no signe be geue vnto this generation.

13And he lefte them, and went into the ship agayne, & departed ouer the water.

14And they had forgotten to take bread [with them] neither had they in the ship with them more then one loafe.

15And he charged the, saying: Take heede, beware of the leuen of the pharisees, and of the leuen of Herode.

16And they reasoned among them selues, saying: We haue no bread.

17And Iesus knewe it, and sayth vnto them: Why reason ye, because ye haue no bread? Perceaue ye not yet, neither vnderstande? Haue ye your heart yet hardened?

18Haue ye eyes, and see not? and haue ye eares & heare not? Do ye not remember?

19When I brake fyue loaues among fyue thousande men, howe many baskettes full of broken meate toke ye vp? They say vnto hym, twelue.

20When I brake seuen among foure thousande, howe many baskettes of the leauynges of the broken meate toke ye vp? They sayde, seuen.

21And he sayde vnto them: Howe happeneth it, that ye do not vnderstande?

22And he came to Bethsaida, & they brought a blynde man vnto hym, and desired hym to touche hym.

23And he caught the blinde by the hand, and led him out of the towne: and whe he had spyt in his eyes, & put his handes vpon him, he asked him if he saw ought.

24And he loked vp, & saide, I see men: for I perceiue the walke as [they were] trees.

25After that, he put his handes agayne vpon his eyes, & made hym see: And he was restored, & saw euery man clearely.

26And he sent hym home to his house, saying: neither go into the towne, nor tell it to any in the towne.

27And Iesus went out, & his disciples, into the townes that long to Cesarea Philippi: And by the way he asked his disciples, saying vnto them: Whom do men say that I am?

28And they aunswered: [Some saye that thou art] Iohn Baptist, and some saye, Elias: Agayne, some saye that thou art one of the prophetes.

29And he sayde vnto them: But whom say ye that I am? Peter aunswereth, & saith vnto him: Thou art very Christe.

30And he charged them, that they should tell no man of hym.

31And he began to teache them, howe that the sonne of man must suffer many thynges, & be reproued of the elders, and of the hie priestes, & scribes, and be killed, and after three dayes, aryse agayne.

32And he spake that saying openly: And Peter toke hym asyde, and began to rebuke hym.

33But he turned about, and loked on his disciples, and rebuked Peter, saying, go after me Sata: for thou sauerest not the thinges that be of God, but the thinges that be of men.

34And when he had called the people vnto hym, with his disciples also, he said vnto them: Whosoeuer wyll folow me, let hym forsake hym selfe, and take vp his crosse, and folowe me.

35For whosoeuer wyll saue his life, shall lose it: But whosoeuer shall lose his life, for my sake & the Gospels, the same shall saue it.

36For what shall it profite a man, yf he wynne all the worlde, and lose his owne soule?

37Or what shall a man geue, for a raunsome of his soule?

38Whosoeuer therfore shalbe ashamed of me, and of my wordes, in this adulterous and synnefull generation: of hym also shall the sonne of man be ashamed, when he commeth in the glorie of his father, with the holy Angels.

Chapter 9Edit

1And he saide vnto them: Ueryly I say vnto you, ther be some of them that stande here, whiche shall not taste of death, tyll they haue seene ye kyngdome of God come, with power.

2And after sixe dayes, Iesus taketh Peter, and Iames, and Iohn, and leadeth them vp into an hye mountayne, out of the way, alone: and he was transfigured before them.

3And his rayment dyd shyne, & became very whyte, euen as snowe: so whyte, as no fuller can make vpon the earth.

4And there appeared vnto them Elias, with Moyses: And they talked with Iesu.

5And Peter aunswered, and sayth to Iesu: Maister, here is good beyng for vs, let vs make also three tabernacles, one for thee, and one for Moyses, and one for Elias.

6For he wist not what he saide, for they were afrayde.

7And there was a cloude that shadowed them: and a voyce came out of the cloude, saying, This is my beloued sonne, heare hym.

8And sodenly, when they had loked rounde about, they sawe no man, more then Iesus only, with them.

9And as they came downe from the hyll, he charged them, that they should tell no man those thynges that they had seene, tyll the sonne of man were rysen from the dead agayne.

10And they kept that saying with them, and demaunded one of another, what the rysing from the dead againe, should meane?

11And they asked hym, saying: Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?

12He aunswered, and sayde vnto them: Elias veryly when he commeth firste, restoreth all thynges: And the sonne of man, as it is written of hym, shall suffer many thynges, & be set at naught.

13But I saye vnto you, that Elias is come, & they haue done vnto him whatsoeuer they would, as it is writte of him.

14And when he came to his disciples, he sawe much people about them, and the scribes disputyng with them.

15And strayghtway all the people, whe they behelde hym, were amased, & ran to hym, and saluted hym.

16And he asked the scribes, what dispute ye with them?

17And one of the companie aunswered, & sayde: Maister, I haue brought vnto thee my sonne, whiche hath a dumbe spirite:

18And whensoeuer he taketh hym, he teareth hym, & he fometh, and gnasheth with his teeth, & pineth away: and I spake to thy disciples, that they should cast hym out, and they coulde not.

19He aunswereth hym, and sayth: O faythlesse nation, howe long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? Bryng hym vnto me.

20And they brought him vnto him: And when he sawe hym, strayghtway the spirite tare hym: And he fell downe on the grounde, wallowyng and fomyng.

21And he asketh his father, howe longe it is a go sence this came vnto hym? And he sayde, of a chylde.

22And oft tymes it hath cast hym into the fire, and into the water, to destroye hym: But yf thou canst do any thyng, haue mercy on vs, and helpe vs.

23Iesus sayde vnto hym: this thyng yf thou cans beleue, all thynges are possible to hym that beleueth.

24And strayghtwaye the father of the childe cryed with teares, saying: Lorde I beleue, helpe thou mine vnbeliefe.

25When Iesus sawe that the people came runnyng together, he rebuked the foule spirite, saying vnto hym: Thou dumbe and deafe spirite, I charge thee come out of hym, and enter no more into hym.

26And the spirite, when he had cryed and rent him sore, came out of hym: and he was as one that had ben dead, insomuch that many sayde, he is dead.

27But Iesus caught hym by the hande, and lyft hym vp: and he rose.

28And whe he was come into the house, his disciples asked hym secretely: Why coulde not we cast hym out?

29And he saide vnto them: This kynde can come foorth by nothing, but by prayer and fastyng.

30And they departed thence, and toke their iorney thorowe Galilee: and he would not yt any man should knowe it.

31For he taught his disciples, and sayde vnto them: The sonne of man, shalbe deliuered into the handes of men, & they shall kyll him: and, after that he is kylled, he shall ryse agayne the thirde day.

32But they vnderstoode not that saying, and were afrayde to aske hym.

33And he came to Capernaum: And when he was come into the house, he asked them, What was it that ye disputed among your selues by the way?

34And they helde their peace: For by the way, they had reasoned among them selues, who shoulde be the chiefest.

35And when he was set downe, he called the twelue to hym, and sayde vnto them: If any man desire to be first, the same shalbe last of al, & seruaut vnto al.

36And he toke a young childe, & set him in the myddes of them: and when he had taken hym in his armes, he sayde vnto them.

37Whosoeuer receaueth any such a young chylde in my name, receaueth me: And whosoeuer receaueth me, receaueth not me, but hym that sent me.

38Iohn aunswered him, saying: Maister, we sawe one caste out deuylles in thy name, & he foloweth not vs: and we forbad him, because he foloweth vs not.

39But Iesus sayde, forbyd hym not: For there is no man, whiche, yf he do a miracle in my name, can lyghtly speake euyll of me.

40For he that is not against vs, is on our part.

41Whosoeuer shall in my name geue you a cup of colde water to drynke, because ye belong to Christe: veryly I say vnto you, he shall not lose his rewarde.

42And whosoeuer shall offende one of these litle ones, that beleue in me, it were better for him, if a mylstone were hanged about his necke, and he were cast into the sea.

43And yf thy hande offende thee, cut it of: It is better for thee to enter into lyfe maymed, then hauyng two handes, to go into hell, into fire that neuer shalbe quenched:

44Where their worme dyeth not, & the fire goeth not out.

45And yf thy foote offende thee, cut it of: It is better for thee to go halt into lyfe, then hauyng two feete, to be cast into hell, into fire that neuer shalbe queched:

46Where their worme dyeth not, and the fire goeth not out.

47And if thine eye offend thee, plucke it out: It is better for thee to go into the kyngdome of God with one eye, then hauing two eyes, to be cast into hell fire:

48Where their worme dyeth not, and the fire goeth not out.

49Euery man shalbe salted with fire: and euery sacrifice shalbe seasoned with salt.

50Salt is good: But if the salt be vnsauerie, with what thyng shall you season it? Haue salt in your selues, and haue peace among your selues, one with an other.

Chapter 10Edit

1And when he rose from thence, he went into the coastes of Iurie, through the region [that is] beyonde Iordane: And the people resorted vnto hym a freshe, and as he was wont, he taught them agayne.

2And the pharisees came, and asked hym: Is it lawfull for a man to put away his wyfe? temptyng hym.

3And he aunswered, and sayde vnto them: What did Moyses commaunde you to do?

4And they sayde: Moyses suffred to write a booke of diuorcement, and to put her away.

5And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto the: For the hardnesse of your heart, he wrote this precept vnto you.

6But from the begynnyng of the creation, God made them male & female.

7[And sayde] for this cause shall a man leaue his father and mother, and byde by his wyfe:

8And they twayne shalbe one fleshe. So then are they no more twayne, but one fleshe.

9Therfore, what God hath coupled together, let not man seperate.

10And in the house, his disciples asked hym agayne, of the same matter.

11And he sayth vnto them: Whosoeuer putteth away his wyfe, & maryeth another, committeth adulterie agaynst her.

12And yf a woman put away her husbande, and be maryed to another, she committeth adulterie.

13And they brought young chyldren to hym, that he shoulde touche them: And his disciples rebuked those that brought them.

14But when Iesus sawe it, he was sore displeased, and sayde vnto them: Suffer the young children to come vnto me, forbyd them not: For of such, is the kyngdome of God.

15Ueryly I say vnto you, whosoeuer doth not receaue ye kingdome of God as a young childe, he shall not enter therin.

16And when he had taken them vp in his armes, he put his handes vpon the, and blessed them.

17And when he was gone foorth into the way, there came one runnyng, and kneeled to hym, and asked hym: good Maister, what shall I do, that I may inherite eternall lyfe?

18Iesus sayde vnto hym: Why callest thou me good? There is no man good but one, which is God.

19Thou knowest the commaundementes: Thou shalt not commit adulterie, Thou shalt not kyll, Thou shalt not steale, Thou shalt not beare false witnesse, Thou shalt defraude no man, Honour thy father and mother.

20He aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: Maister, all these haue I obserued from my youth.

21Iesus behelde hym, and loued hym, and sayde vnto hym, one thyng thou lackest: Go thy way, sell whatsoeuer thou hast, and geue to the poore, & thou shalt haue treasure in heauen, and come folowe me, and take vp the crosse.

22But he was discomforted because of that saying, and went away mournyng: for he had great possessions.

23And when Iesus had loked rounde about, he sayde vnto his disciples: Howe hardly shall they that haue riches, enter into the kyngdome of God?

24And the disciples were astonyed at his wordes. But Iesus aunswereth agayne, and sayth vnto them: Children, howe harde is it for the that trust in ryches, to enter into ye kyngdome of God.

25It is easier for a camel to go thorowe the eye of a needle, then for the riche to enter into the kyngdome of God.

26And they were astonyed out of measure, saying betwene them selues: who then can be saued?

27Iesus loked vpon them, & sayde: with men it is vnpossible, but not with God: for with God all thynges are possible.

28And Peter began to say vnto him: Lo, we haue forsaken all, & haue folowed thee.

29Iesus aunswered, & sayde: Ueryly I say vnto you, there is no man that hath forsaken house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wyfe, or chyldren, or landes, for my sake and the Gospels,

30But he shall receaue an hundreth folde nowe at this present, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and chyldren, and landes, with persecutions, and in the worlde to come, eternall lyfe.

31But many that are first, shalbe last: and the last, first.

32And they were in the way, goyng vp to Hierusalem: And Iesus went before them, and they were amazed, and folowed, and were afrayde. And Iesus toke the twelue agayne, and beganne to tell them what thynges shoulde happen vnto hym.

33Beholde, we go vp to Hierusalem, and the sonne of man shalbe delyuered vnto the hye priestes, & vnto the scribes and they shall condenme hym to death, and shall delyuer hym to the Gentiles.

34And they shall mocke hym, & scourge hym, spit vpon hym, and kyll hym: And the thirde day he shall ryse agayne.

35And Iames and Iohn, the sonnes of Zebedee, came vnto hym, saying: Maister, we would that thou shouldest do for vs, whatsoeuer we desyre.

36He sayde vnto them: What woulde ye, that I shoulde do for you?

37They sayde vnto hym: graunt vnto vs, that we may sit, one on thy ryght hande, and the other on thy left hande, in thy glory.

38But Iesus sayde vnto them, Ye wote not what ye aske: Can ye drynke of the cuppe that I drynke of? and be baptized with the baptisme that I am baptized with?

39And they sayde vnto hym: that we can. Iesus sayde vnto them: ye shall in deede drynke of the cup that I drynke of, and with the baptisme that I am baptized withall, shall ye be baptized:

40But to syt on my ryght hande, and on my left hande, is not myne to geue, but vnto them, for whom it is prepared.

41And when the ten hearde it, they began to disdaine at Iames and Iohn.

42But Iesus, when he had called them to hym, sayde vnto them: ye knowe, that they which seeme to beare rule among the Gentiles, raigne as Lordes ouer them: And they that be great among them, exercise aucthoritie vpon them.

43Neuerthelesse, so shall it not be among you: but whosoeuer of you, wyll be great among you, shalbe your minister:

44And whosoeuer of you wyll be the chiefest, shalbe seruaunt of all.

45For the sonne of man also came not to be ministred vnto: but to minister, & to geue his lyfe, a raunsome for many.

46And they came to Hierico: And as he went out of ye citie of Hierico with his disciples, and a great number of people, blynde Bartimeus the sonne of Timeus, sate by the hye wayes syde beggyng.

47And when he hearde that it was Iesus of Nazareth, he beganne to cry, and say: Iesus, thou sonne of Dauid, haue mercy on me.

48And many rebuked hym, that he shoulde holde his peace: But he cryed the more a great deale, thou sonne of Dauid haue mercy on me.

49And Iesus stoode styll, and commaunded hym to be called. And they called the blynde, saying vnto hym: Be of good comfort, ryse, he calleth the.

50And he threwe away his cloke, & rose, and came to Iesus.

51And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto hym: what wylt thou that I do vnto thee? The blynde sayde vnto hym: Maister, that I myght see.

52Iesus sayde vnto hym: Go thy way, thy fayth hath saued thee. And immediatly he receaued his sight, & folowed Iesus in the way.

Chapter 11Edit

1And when they came nye to Hierusalem, vnto Bethphage & Bethanie, at the mount of Oliues, he sendeth foorth two of his disciples,

2And sayth vnto them. Go your way into the towne, that is ouer against you: And assoone as ye be entred into it, ye shall fynde a colte bounde, wheron neuer man sate: loose hym, and bryng hym hyther.

3And yf any man say vnto you, why do ye so? Say ye, that the Lorde hath neede of hym: and strayghtway he wyll sende hym hyther.

4And they went their way, and founde the colt tyed by the doore without, in a place where two wayes met: and they loosed hym.

5And diuers of them that stoode there, sayde vnto them: What do ye loosyng the colte?

6And they sayde vnto them, euen as Iesus had commaunded: And they let them go.

7And they brought the colt to Iesus, and cast their garmentes on hym, and he sate vpon hym.

8And many spred their garmentes in the way: Other cut downe braunches of the trees, & strawed the in the way.

9And they that went before, and they that folowed, cryed, saying, Hosanna, blessed is he that commeth in the name of the Lorde.

10Blessed be the kyngdome, that commeth in the name of hym that is Lorde of our father Dauid: Hosanna in the hiest.

11And the Lorde entred into Hierusalem, and into the temple: And when he had loked rounde about, vpon all thynges, and nowe the euen tyde was come, he went out vnto Bethanie with the twelue.

12And on the morowe, when they were come out from Bethanie, he hungred.

13And when he had spyed a fygge tree a farre of, hauyng leaues, he came to see if he myght fynde any thyng theron: And when he came to it, he founde nothyng but leaues: for the tyme of figges was not yet.

14And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto the fygge tree: neuer man eate fruite of thee hereafter, whyle the worlde standeth. And his disciples hearde it.

15And they came to Hierusalem: And Iesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that solde and bought in the temple, & ouerthrewe the tables of the money chaungers, and the seates of them that solde doues:

16And woulde not suffer, that any man shoulde cary a vessell through ye temple.

17And he taught, saying vnto them: Is it not written, My house shalbe called the house of prayer vnto all nations? But ye haue made it a denne of thieues.

18And the scribes & hye priestes hearde it, and sought howe to destroy hym: For they feared hym, because all the people was astonyed at his doctrine.

19And when euen was come, Iesus went out of the citie.

20And in the mornyng, as they passed by, they sawe the fygge tree dryed vp by the rootes.

21And Peter remembred, and sayde vnto hym: Maister, beholde, the fygge tree which thou cursedst, is withered away.

22And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto them: haue fayth in God.

23For, veryly I say vnto you, that whosoeuer shall say vnto this mountayne: Be thou remoued, and be thou cast into the sea, & shall not doubt in his heart, but shall beleue yt those thynges which he sayth shall come to passe, whatsoeuer he sayth, shalbe vnto hym.

24Therfore I say vnto you, what thynges so euer ye desyre when ye pray, beleue that ye receaue [them,] & ye shall haue [them].

25And when ye stande & pray, forgeue, yf ye haue ought agaynst any man: that your father also which is in heauen, may forgeue you your trespasses.

26But yf you do not forgeue: neither wyll your father, which is in heauen, forgeue you your trespasses.

27And they came agayne to Hierusalem: And as he walked in the temple, there came to hym the hye priestes, and the scribes, and the elders.

28And say vnto him: By what auctoritie doest thou these thynges? & who gaue thee this auctoritie, to do these thynges?

29Iesus aunswered, & sayde vnto them: I wyll also aske of you one question: and aunswere me, and I wyll tell you by what auctoritie I do these thynges.

30The baptisme of Iohn, whether was it from heauen, or of men? Aunswere me.

31And they reasoned with them selues, saying, yf we shall say from heauen: he wyll say, why then dyd ye not beleue hym?

32But yf we shal say, of men, we feare the people. For all men counted Iohn, that he was a very prophete.

33And they aunswered, and sayde vnto Iesus: we can not tell. And Iesus aunswered and sayde vnto them: neither wyll I tell you by what auctoritie I do these thynges.

Chapter 12Edit

1And he beganne to speake vnto them by parables. A [certayne] man planted a vineyarde, and compassed it about with an hedge, and ordeyned a wynepresse, and built a towre, and let it out vnto husbande men: and went into a straunge countrey.

2And when the tyme was come, he sent to the husbande men a seruaunt, that he myght receaue of the husbandmen, of the fruite of the vineyarde.

3And they caught hym, and beat hym, and sent hym away emptie.

4And moreouer, he sent vnto them another seruaunt: and at hym they cast stones, and brake his head, and sent him away agayne, all to reuiled.

5And agayne, he sent another, and hym they kylled: and many other, beatyng some, and kyllyng some.

6And so, when he had yet but one beloued sonne, he sent hym also at the last vnto them, saying: they wyll stande in awe of my sonne.

7But the husbandmen saide amongest them selues: this is the heyre, come, let vs kyll him, and the inheritaunce shalbe ours.

8And they toke hym, and kylled hym, and cast hym out of the vineyarde.

9What shall therfore, the Lorde of the vineyarde do? He shal come, and destroy the husbandmen, and wyll geue the vineyarde vnto other.

10Haue ye not read this Scripture? The stone which the builders dyd refuse, is become the chiefe stone of the corner:

11This is the Lordes doyng, and it is marueylous in our eyes.

12They went about also to take hym, and feared the people: For they knewe, that he had spoken the parable agaynst them. And they left hym, and went their way.

13And they sent vnto hym, certayne of the pharisees, and of the Herodians to take hym in his wordes.

14And assoone as they were come, they sayde vnto hym: Maister, we knowe that thou art true, & carest for no man, for thou considerest not the persons of men, but teachest the way of god truely: Is it lawfull to pay tribute to Caesar, or not?

15Ought we to geue, or ought we not to geue? But he seeyng their hypocrisie, sayde vnto them: Why tempt ye me? Bryng me a penie, that I may see it.

16And they brought it: And he sayth vnto them, Whose is this image and superscription? And they sayde vnto hym: Caesars.

17And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto them: Geue to Caesar [the thynges] that belong to Caesar: and to God, [the thynges] which pertayne to God. And they marueyled at hym.

18There came also vnto hym, the Saducees, which say that there is no resurrection, and they asked hym, saying:

19Maister, Moyses wrote vnto vs, yf any mans brother dye, and leaue his wyfe behynde hym, & leaue no chyldren: that his brother shoulde take his wyfe, and rayse vp seede vnto his brother.

20There were seuen brethren: and the first toke a wyfe, and when he dyed, left no seede behynde hym.

21And the seconde toke her, and dyed, neither left any seede: And the thirde lykewyse.

22And seuen had her, and left no seede behynde them: Last of all, the wyfe dyed also.

23In the resurrection therfore, when they shall rise agayne, whose wyfe shall she be of them? for seuen had her to wife.

24And Iesus aunswered, and sayde vnto the: Do ye not therfore erre, because ye vnderstande not the Scriptures, neither the power of God?

25For when they shall ryse agayne from the dead, they neither marry, nor are geuen in maryage: but are as the Angels which are in heauen.

26As touchyng the dead, that they ryse agayne: haue ye not read in the booke of Moyses, howe in the bushe, God spake vnto him, saying: I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob?

27He is not the God of the dead, but God of the lyuyng. Ye therefore do greatly erre.

28And when there came one of the scribes, & had heard them disputyng together, and perceaued that he had aunswered them well, he asked him: which is the first of all the comaundementes.

29Iesus aunswered hym, the first of all the commaundementes is: Heare O Israel, The Lorde our God, is one Lorde:

30And thou shalt loue the Lorde thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soule, and with all thy mynde, and with all thy strength. This is the first commaundement.

31And the seconde is lyke vnto this: Thou shalt loue thy neyghbour as thy selfe. There is none other commaundement greater then these.

32And the scribe sayde vnto hym: well maister, thou hast sayde the trueth, for there is one God, & there is none but he.

33And to loue hym with all the heart, and with all the vnderstandyng, & with all the soule, and with all the strength, and to loue a [mans] neyghbour as hym selfe, is greater then all the burnt offerynges and sacrifices.

34And when Iesus sawe that he aunswered discretely, he sayde vnto hym: Thou art not farre from the kingdome of God. And no man after that, durst aske hym any question.

35And Iesus aunswered and sayde, teachyng in the temple: howe say the scribes that Christe is ye sonne of Dauid?

36For Dauid hym selfe, inspired with the holy ghost, sayde: The Lorde saide to my Lorde, sit on my right hande, tyll I make thyne enemies thy footestoole.

37Dauid hym selfe calleth hym Lorde: and howe is he then his sonne? And much people hearde hym gladly.

38And he sayde vnto them in his doctrine, beware of the scribes, whiche desire to go in long clothyng, and salutations in the market places,

39And the chiefe seates in the congregations, and the vppermost rowmes at feastes,

40Which deuoure widdowes houses, & vnder a pretence, make long prayers: These shal receaue greater dampnatio.

41And when Iesus sate ouer agaynst the treasurie, he behelde howe the people put money into the treasurie: And many that were rich, cast in much.

42And there came a certayne poore widdowe, & she threwe in two mites, which make a farthyng.

43And he called vnto hym his disciples, and sayth vnto them: Ueryly I say vnto you, that this poore widdowe hath cast more in, then all they which haue cast into the treasurie.

44For they all, dyd cast in of their superfluitie: but she, of her pouertie, dyd cast in all that she had, euen all her lyuyng.

Chapter 13Edit

1And as he went out of the temple, one of his disciples sayde vnto hym: Maister, see what stones, & what buildynges [are here.]

2And Iesus aunswered, & sayde vnto hym: Seest thou these great buildynges? There shall not be left one stone vpon another, that shall not be throwen downe.

3And as he sate vpon the mount of Oliues, ouer agaynst the temple, Peter, and Iames, and Iohn, and Andrewe, asked hym, secretely:

4Tell vs, when shall these thynges be? And what shalbe the signe when all these thynges shalbe fulfylled?

5And Iesus aunswered them, and began to say: take heede, lest any man deceaue you.

6For many shall come in my name, saying I am [Christe:] and shall deceaue many.

7When ye shall heare of warres, and tidynges of warres, be ye not troubled: For such thynges must nedes be, but the ende is not yet.

8For there shall nation aryse agaynst nation, and kyngdome agaynst kyngdome: And there shalbe earthquakes in diuers places, and famine shall there be, and troubles. These are the begynnyng of sorowes.

9But take ye heede to your selues: For they shall deliuer you vp to councels, and to synagogues, and ye shalbe beaten, yea, and shalbe brought before rulers & kynges for my sake, for a testimoniall vnto them.

10And the Gospel must first be published among all nations.

11But when they leade you, and present you, be not carefull aforehande, neither take thought what ye shall speake: but whatsoeuer is geuen you in the same houre, that speake ye. For it is not ye that speake, but the holy ghost.

12The brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the sonne: and the chyldren shall ryse agaynst their fathers and mothers, and shall put them to death.

13And ye shalbe hated of all men for my names sake: But who so endureth vnto the ende, the same shalbe safe.

14Moreouer, when ye see the abhomination of desolation, wherof is spoken by Daniel the prophete, stande where it ought not (let hym that readeth vnderstande) then let them that be in Iurie, flee to the mountaynes:

15And let hym that is on ye house toppe, not go downe into the house, neither enter therin, to fetch any thyng out of his house.

16And let hym that is in the fielde, not turne backe agayne vnto the thynges which he left behynde hym, for to take his garmente with hym.

17Wo [shalbe] then to them that are with chylde, and to them that geue sucke in those dayes.

18But pray ye that your flyght be not in the Wynter:

19For there shalbe in those dayes such tribulation, as was not from the begynnyng of creatures, which God created, vnto this tyme, neither shalbe.

20And except that the Lorde shoulde shorten [those] dayes, no fleshe shoulde be saued: But for the electes sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened [those] dayes.

21And then, yf any man say to you, lo here is Christe, lo he is there, beleue not.

22For false Christes, and false prophetes shall ryse, and shall shewe signes and wonders, to deceaue, yf it were possible, euen the elect.

23But take ye heede: Beholde, I haue shewed you all thynges before.

24Moreouer, in those dayes, after that tribulation, the sunne shall waxe darke, and the moone shall not geue her light.

25And the starres of heauen, shall fall: and the powers which are in heauen, shalbe shaken.

26And then shall they see the sonne of man commyng in the cloudes, with great power and glory.

27And then shall he sende his Angels, and shall gather together his elect, from the foure wyndes, from the ende of the earth, to the vtmost part of heauen.

28Learne a parable of the fygge tree. When his braunche is yet tender, and hath brought foorth leaues, ye knowe that sommer is neare:

29So ye in lyke maner, when ye see these thynges come to passe, vnderstand, that [he] is nye, euen at the doores.

30Ueryly I say vnto you, that this generation shall not passe, tyll all these thynges be done.

31Heauen and earth shall passe away, but my wordes shall not passe away.

32But of that day and tyme knoweth no man: no not the Angels which are in heauen, neither the sonne him selfe, saue the father only.

33Take heede, watche and pray: for ye knowe not when the tyme is.

34As a man which is gone into a straunge countrey, and hath left his house, and geuen auctoritie to his seruauntes, and to euery man his worke, and commaunded the porter to watche:

35Watche ye therfore, (for ye knowe not whe the maister of the house wyl come, at euen, or at mydnyght, whether at the cocke crowyng, or in the dawnyng.)

36Lest yf he come sodenly, he fynde you slepyng.

37And that I say vnto you, I say vnto all, watche.

Chapter 14Edit

1After two dayes was [the feaste] of the Passouer, & of vnleuened bread. And the hye priestes and the scribes, sought howe they myght take him by craft, and put hym to death.

2But they sayde: not in the feast day, lest any busines arise among the people.

3And when he was at Bethanie, in the house of Simon the leper, euen as he sate at meate, there came a woman hauyng an alabaster boxe of very precious oyntment, [called] Narde pisrike, and she brake the boxe, and powred it on his head.

4And there were some, that had indignation within them selues, and sayde: what neded this waste of oyntment?

5For it myght haue ben solde for more then three hundred pence, and haue ben geuen to the poore. And they grudged agaynst her.

6And Iesus sayde: let her alone, why trouble ye her? She hath done a good worke on me.

7For ye haue poore with you alwayes, and whensoeuer ye wyll, ye may do the good: but me haue ye not alwayes.

8She hath done that she coulde: she came aforehande, to annoynt my body to the burying.

9Ueryly I say vnto you, whersoeuer this Gospel shalbe preached, throughout the whole worlde, this also that she hath done, shalbe rehearsed, in remembraunce of her.

10And Iudas Iscariot, one of the twelue, went away vnto ye hye priestes, to betray hym vnto them.

11When they hearde that, they were glad, and promised that they woulde geue hym money. And he sought howe he myght conueniently betray hym.

12And the first day of vnleuened bread, when they dyd sacrifice the Passouer, his disciples sayde vnto hym: Where wylt thou that we go and prepare, that thou mayest eate the Passouer?

13And he sendeth foorth two of his disciples, and sayth vnto them: Go ye into the citie, & there shall meete you a man bearing a pitcher of water, folowe him.

14And whyther soeuer he goeth in, say ye to the good man of the house, the maister sayth: Where is the ghest chaumber, where I shall eate the Pasouer with my disciples?

15And he wyll shewe you a large vpper chaumber, paued and prepared: there make redy for vs.

16And his disciples went foorth, & came into the citie, & founde as he had sayd vnto them: & they made redy the Passouer.

17And when it was nowe euen tyde, he came with the twelue.

18And as they sate at boord & dyd eate, Iesus sayde: Ueryly I say vnto you, one of you, that eateth with me, shall betray me.

19And they began to be sory, and to say to hym one by one, is it I? And another sayde, is it I?

20He aunswered and sayde vnto them: It is one of the twelue, euen he that dyppeth with me in the platter.

21The sonne of man truely goeth as it is written of hym: but wo to that man by whom the sonne of man is betrayed. Good were it for that man, yf he had neuer ben borne.

22And as they dyd eate, Iesus toke bread: and whe he had blessed, he brake [it] and gaue to them, and sayde: Take, eate, this is my body.

23And he toke the cup, and when he had geuen thankes, he toke it to them: and they all dranke of it.

24And he sayde vnto them: This is my blood, of the newe Testament, which is shed for many.

25Ueryly I say vnto you, I wyll drinke no more of the fruite of the vine, vntyll that day, that I drinke it newe in the kyngdome of God.

26And when they had praysed [God,] they went out into ye mount of Oliues.

27And Iesus sayth vnto them: All ye shalbe offended because of me this nyght. For it is written: I wyll smyte the sheepehearde, and the sheepe shalbe scattered.

28But after that I am risen agayne, I wyll go into Galilee before you.

29Peter sayde vnto hym: And though all men be offended, yet [wyll] not I.

30And Iesus sayth vnto hym: Ueryly I say vnto thee, that this day, euen, in this night, before the cocke crowe twise, thou shalt deny me three tymes.

31But he spake more vehemently: no, yf I shoulde dye with thee, I wyll not deny thee. Likewise also sayde they all.

32And they came into a place which was named Gethsemani, and he sayth to his disciples: Sit ye heare, whyle I shall pray.

33And he taketh with hym, Peter, and Iames, and Iohn, and began to waxe abasshed, and to be in an agonie.

34And sayth vnto them: My soule is heauie, euen vnto the death, tarry ye here and watche.

35And he went foorth a litle, and fell flat on the grounde, and prayed: that yf it were possible, the houre myght passe from hym.

36And he sayde: Abba father, all thynges are possible vnto thee, take away this cup from me. Neuerthelesse, not that I wyll: but that thou [wylt, be done.]

37And he came & founde them slepyng, and sayth vnto Peter: Simon, slepest thou? Couldest not thou watche one houre?

38Watche ye, and pray, lest ye enter into temptation: the spirite truely is redy, but the fleshe is weake.

39And agayne he went asyde, & prayed, and spake the same wordes.

40And he returned, and founde them a slepe agayne. For their eyes were heauie: neither wist they what to aunswere hym.

41And he came the thirde tyme, & sayde vnto them: slepe hencefoorth, and take your ease, it is inough: The houre is come, beholde, the sonne of man is betrayed into the handes of sinners.

42Ryse vp, let vs go: Lo, he that betrayeth me, is at hande.

43And immediatly whyle he yet spake, commeth Iudas, which was one of the twelue, and with hym a great number of people, with swordes & staues, from the hye priestes, and scribes, and elders.

44And he that betrayed hym, had geuen them a general token, saying: Who soeuer I do kysse, that same is he, take hym, and leade hym away warely.

45And assoone as he was come, he goeth strayghtway to hym, and sayth vnto hym: Maister, Maister, and kissed hym.

46And they layde their handes on hym, and toke hym.

47And one of them that stoode by, drewe out a sworde, & smote a seruaunt of the hye priest, and cut of his eare.

48And Iesus aunswered, and saide vnto them: Ye be come out as vnto a thiefe with swordes and with staues, for to take me.

49I was dayly with you in the temple, teachyng, and ye toke me not, [but these thynges come to passe,] that the Scriptures shoulde be fulfylled.

50And they all forsooke hym, & ranne away.

51And there folowed hym, a certayne young man, clothed in lynnen vpon the bare: and the young men caught hym.

52And he left his lynnen garment, and fled from them naked.

53And they ledde Iesus away to the hyest priest, and with hym came all the hye priestes, and the elders, and the scribes.

54And Peter folowed hym a great way of, euen tyl he was come into the palace of the hye priest, and he sate with the seruauntes, and warmed hym selfe at the fyre.

55And the hye priestes, and all the councell sought for witnesse agaynst Iesus, to put hym to death, and founde none.

56For many bare false witnesse agaynst hym, but their witnesse agreed not together.

57And there arose certayne, and brought false witnesse agaynst hym, saying.

58We hearde hym say: I wyll destroy this temple that is made with handes, and within three dayes I wyll buylde another, made without handes.

59But yet their witnesse agreed not together.

60And the hye priest stoode vp amongest them, and asked Iesus, saying: Aunswerest thou nothyng? Howe is it that these beare witnesse agaynst thee?

61But he helde his peace, & aunswered nothyng. Agayne, the hyest priest asked hym, and sayde vnto hym: Art thou Christe, the sonne of the blessed?

62And Iesus sayde, I am: And ye shall see the sonne of man sittyng on the ryght hande of power, and commyng in the cloudes of heauen.

63Then the hye priest rent his clothes, and sayde: What neede we any further witnesses?

64Ye haue hearde blasphemie: what thinke ye? And they all condemned him to be worthy of death.

65And some began to spyt at hym, and to couer his face, and to beate hym with fistes, and to say vnto hym, prophecie. And the seruauntes dyd beate hym with roddes.

66And as Peter was beneath in the palace, there came one of the wenches of the hyest priest:

67And when she sawe Peter warmyng hym selfe, she loketh on hym, and sayth: And thou also wast with Iesus of Nazareth.

68And he denyed, saying: I knowe hym not, neither wote I what thou sayest. And he went out into the porche, and the cocke crewe.

69And a damsell, when she sawe hym agayne, began to say to the that stoode by, this is one of them.

70And he denyed it agayne. And anone after, they that stoode by, sayde agayne to Peter: Surely, thou art one of the, for thou art of Galilee, and thy speache agreeth therto.

71But he began to curse, and to sweare, [saying]: I knowe not this man of whom ye speake.

72And the seconde tyme the cocke crewe, & Peter remembred the worde that Iesus sayde vnto hym, before the cocke crowe twise, thou shalt deny me three tymes: And he began to weepe.

Chapter 15Edit

1And anone in the dawnyng, the hye priestes held a councel, with the elders, and the scribes, and the whole congregation, and bound Iesus, and ledde hym away, and deliuered hym to Pilate.

2And Pilate asked hym: Art thou the kyng of the Iewes? And he aunswered and sayde vnto hym: thou sayest it?

3And the hye priestes accused hym of many thynges.

4So Pilate asked hym agayne, saying: Aunswerest thou nothyng? Beholde, howe many thynges they witnesse agaynst thee.

5Iesus yet aunswered nothyng, so that Pilate marueyled.

6At that feast, Pilate dyd delyuer vnto them a prisoner, whomsoeuer they woulde desire.

7And there was one, that was named Barabbas, which lay bounde, with them that made insurrection: Which [men] had committed murther also in the insurrection.

8And the people crying aloude, began to desire [hym] that he woulde do, according as he had euer done vnto them.

9Pilate aunswered them, saying: Wyll ye that I let loose vnto you the kyng of the Iewes?

10For he knewe, that the hye priestes had delyuered hym of enuie.

11But the hye priestes moued the people, that he shoulde rather delyuer Barabbas vnto them.

12Pilate aunswered agayne, and sayde vnto them: What wyll ye then that I do vnto hym, whom ye call the kyng of the Iewes?

13And they cryed agayne, crucifie hym.

14Pilate sayde vnto them: What euyll hath he done? And they cryed the more feruently, crucifie hym.

15And so Pilate, wyllyng to content the people, let loose Barabbas vnto them, and deliuered vp Iesus, when he had scourged hym, for to be crucified.

16And the souldiers led hym away, into the hall, called Prætorium, and called together the whole bande [of souldiers:]

17And they clothed hym with purple, and they platted a crowne of thornes, and crowned hym withall,

18And began to salute hym: Hayle kyng of the Iewes.

19And they smote hym on the head with a reede, & did spit vpon him, and bowed their knees, and worshipped hym.

20And when they had mocked hym, they toke the purple of hym, and put his owne clothes on hym, and led hym out to crucifie hym.

21And they compelled one that passed by, called Simon of Cyrene (commyng out of the fielde, the father of Alexander and Rufus) to beare his crosse.

22And they brought hym to a place named Golgotha, which is, if a man interprete it, the place of [dead mens] sculles.

23And they gaue hym to drynke, wyne myngled with myrre: but he receaued it not.

24And when they had crucified hym, they parted his garmentes, castyng lottes vpon them, what euery man shoulde take.

25And it was the thyrde houre, and they crucified hym.

26And the title of his cause was written: THE KYNG OF THE IEWES.

27And they crucifed with hym two thieues: the one on the ryght hande, and the other on his left.

28And the Scripture was fulfylled which sayth: He was counted among the wycked.

29And they that went by, rayled on him, wagging their heades, and saying: A wretche, thou that destroyest the temple, and buildest it in three dayes,

30Saue thy selfe, and come downe from the crosse.

31Lykewyse also mocked hym the hye priestes among them selues, with the scribes, and sayde: He saued other men, hym selfe he can not saue.

32Let Christe the kyng of Israel descende nowe from the crosse, that we may see, and beleue. And they that were crucified with hym, checked hym also.

33And when the sixth houre was come, darknesse arose ouer all the earth, vntill the nynth houre.

34And at the nynth houre, Iesus cryed with a loude voyce, saying: Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, yf one interprete it, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

35And some of them that stoode by, whe they hearde that, sayde: Beholde, he calleth for Elias.

36And one ran, and fylled a spunge full of vineger, and put it on a reede, & gaue hym to drynke, saying: let hym alone, let vs see whether Elias wyll come and take hym downe.

37But Iesus cryed with a loude voyce, and gaue vp the ghost.

38And the vayle of the temple dyd rent in two peeces, from the toppe to the bottome.

39And when the Centurion, which stoode before hym, sawe, that he so cryed, and gaue vp the ghost, he sayde: Truely this man was the sonne of God.

40There were also women a good way of, beholdyng hym: among whom was Marie Magdalene, and Marie the mother of Iames the litle, and of Ioses, and Salome.

41Which also when he was in Galilee, had folowed hym, and ministred vnto hym: and many other women, which came vp with hym vnto Hierusalem.

42And nowe when the euen was come, (because it was the day of preparyng, that goeth before the Sabboth)

43Ioseph [of the citie] of Aramathia, a noble councellour, which also loked for the kyngdome of God, came, and went in boldely vnto Pilate, and begged of hym the body of Iesu.

44And Pilate marueyled that he was alredy dead: and called vnto hym the Centurion, and asked of hym, whether he had ben any whyle dead.

45And when he knewe the trueth of the Centurion, he gaue the body to Ioseph.

46And he bought a lynnen cloth, & toke hym downe, and wrapped hym in the lynnen cloth, & layde him in a sepulchre, that was hewe out of the rocke, & roulled a stone vnto the doore of ye sepulchre.

47And Marie Magdalene, and Marie Ioses, behelde where he was layde.

Chapter 16Edit

1And whe the Sabboth day was past, Marie Magdalen and Marie [the mother] of Iames, & Salome, bought sweete smellynge oyntmentes, that they myght come and annoynt hym.

2And early in the mornyng, the first day of the Sabbothes, they came vnto the sepulchre, when the sunne was rysen:

3And they sayde among them selues, who shall roule vs away the stone from the doore of the sepulchre?

4And when they loked, they sawe how that the stone was rouled awaye, for it was a very great one.

5And they went into the sepulchre, and sawe a young man syttyng on the ryght syde, clothed in a long whyte garment, and they were amased.

6And he sayth vnto them, be not amased: ye seke Iesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: He is risen, he is not here, beholde the place where they had put hym.

7But go your way, & tell his disciples, and Peter, that he goeth before you into Galilee, there shall ye see hym, as he saide vnto you.

8And they went out quickly, and fled from the sepulchre, for they trembled & were amased: neither sayde they any thing to any man, for they were afraide.

9When [Iesus] was rysen early, the first [day] after the Sabboth, he appeared firste to Marie Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seuen deuils.

10And she went & tolde them that were with hym, as they mourned & wept.

11And they, when they hearde that he was alyue, and had ben seene of her, beleued it not.

12After that, appeared he vnto two of them in another fourme, as they walked and went into the countrey.

13And they went and tolde it vnto the residue: and [they] beleued not these also.

14Afterwarde, he appeared vnto the eleuen, as they sate at meate, and cast in their teeth their vnbeliefe and hardnes of heart, because they beleued not them whiche had seene that he was rysen agayne from the dead.

15And he sayde vnto them: Go ye into all the worlde, and preache the Gospell to all creatures.

16He that beleueth, and is baptized, shalbe saued: But he that beleueth not, shalbe dampned.

17And these tokens shall folowe them that beleue. In my name they shal cast out deuils, they shall speake with newe tongues,

18They shall driue away serpentes: and yf they drinke any deadly thyng, it shall not hurte them: They shall lay their handes on the sicke, & they shal recouer.

19So then, when the Lorde had spoken vnto them, he was receaued into heauen, and sate hym downe on the ryght hande of God.

20And they went foorth, and preached euerywhere, the Lorde workyng with them, and confirmyng the worde with signes folowyng.