Birds of North and Middle America

Birds of North and Middle America
by Robert Ridgway

a descriptive catalogue of the higher groups, genera, species, and subspecies of birds known to occur in North America, from the Arctic lands to the Isthmus of Panama, the West Indies and other islands of the Caribbean sea, and the Galapagos Archipelago

Part IEdit

Part IIEdit

Part III, 1904 (Index)Edit

  • Family MOTACILLIDÆ — The Wagtails and Pipits.
  • Family HIRUNDINIDÆ — The Swallows.
  • Family AMPELIDÆ — The Waxwings.
  • Family PTILOGONATIDÆ — The Silky Flycatchers.
  • Family DULIIDÆ — The Palm Chats.
  • Family VIREONIDÆ — The Vireos.
  • Family LANIIDÆ — The Shrikes.
  • Family CORVIDÆ — The Grows and Jays.
  • Family PARIDÆ — The Titmice.
  • Family SITTIDÆ — The Nuthatches.
  • Family CERTHIDÆ — The Creepers.
  • Family TROGLODYTIDÆ — The Wrens.
  • Family CINCLIDÆ — The Dippers.
  • Family CHAMÆIDÆ — The Wren-Tits.
  • Family SYLVIIDÆ — The Warblers.

Part IVEdit

Part V, 1911 (Index)Edit

  • Family PTEROPTOCHIDÆ — The Tapaculos.
  • Family FORMICARIIDÆ — The Antbirds.
  • Family FURNARIIDÆ — The Ovenbirds.
  • Family DENDROCOLAPTIDÆ — The Woodhewers.
  • Family TROCHILIDÆ — The Humming Birds.
  • Family MICROPODIDÆ — The Swifts.
  • Family TROGONIDÆ — The Trogons.

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