Cartoon portraits and biographical sketches of men of the day/Tom Hood


Tom Hood the well-known editor of the comic journal, 'Fun,' son of the late celebrated poet and author, born at Lake House, Wanstead, Essex, January 19, 1835, was educated at University College School and Louth Grammar School, Lincolnshire; entered (intended for the Church) as a commoner at Pembroke College, Oxford, in 1853, where he passed all the examinations for the degree, but did not put on the gown, of B.A. His first work, 'Pen and Pencil Pictures,' written at Oxford, was published in 1854, 5. It was followed by 'Quips and Cranks,' and 'Daughters of King Daher, and other Poems,' in 1861; 'Loves of Tom Tucker and Little Bo-Peep, a Rhyming Rigmarole,' in 1862; 'Yere Vereker's Vengeance, a Sensation,' in 1864; 'Captain Master's Children, a Novel,' and 'Jingles and Jokes for the Little Folks,' in 1865. Novels: 'A Disputed Inheritance,' 'Golden Heart,' 'A Lost Link,' and 'Love and Valour.' He has written several books for juveniles, and illustrated his father's comic verses, 'Precocious Piggy,' having on other occasions wielded pencil as well as pen; and was appointed editor of 'Fun,' which had passed into the hands of a new proprietor, in May 1865. Tom Hood is a contributor to many magazines and periodicals, and has had some experience as a journalist. He is also author of two books on English verse composition. In 1868 he again started the 'Comic Annual,' which has achieved a decided success.

The popularity of 'Fun' under Mr. Hood's care speaks volumes for his skill and judgment as an editor; and he has a recognised position as an author, standing high in public favour.