Case 08-CR-1010 Session 459

Operation Board Games
Case #08-CR-1010
Session 459

Rod Blagojevich, Lobbyist 1, and Unidentified Female
3 December 2008
         CASE NUMBER:              08 CR 1010

         PHONE:                    Lobbyist 1 Cellular
         SESSION:                  459  Redacted Transcript
         DATE:                     12/03/2008
         TIME:                     4:11 p.m.

         SPEAKERS:                 BLAGOJEVICH= Rod Blagojevich
                                   Lobbyist 1
                                   UF = Unidentified female

                                        *    *    *    *    *

 1                                 (PHONE RINGING)

 2       UF                        Friends of Blagojevich.

 3       LOBBYIST 1                Hey, it's Lon.

 4       UF                        Hey Lon. Hold on, one second.

 5       LOBBYIST 1                Is, is Rod there?

 6       UF                        Yeah, they're both here. Hold on.

 7       LOBBYIST 1                Okay.

 8       BLAGOJEVICH:              Hey, Lon.

 9       LOBBYIST 1                Hey. So. I'm just leaving there, um and I talked
10                                 to him about (UI) commitment. He goes... I said,
11                                 "Two separate conversations. What about your
12                                 commitment?" He goes, "Lon, I have to leave in two
13                                 weeks, and I'm gonna be gone for two weeks.
14                                 I know that I have to have this in your hand by
15                                 the end of those two weeks." And I said, "Look,
16                                 there's a concern that there's gonna be some
17                                 skittishness if your bill gets signed because of
18                                 the timeliness of the commitment." He said,
19                                 "Absolutely not. I mean do you want me to put
20                                 some into the next quarter." I said, "No. That's
21                                 not my point. My point is this has all gotta be
22                                 in now." He goes, "I'm gonna have, I hope I'm
23                                 gonna have it next week, but you have my
24                                 commitment. I've always been there. I'm gonna be
25                                 there. I've gotta have it in the next two weeks
26                                 cause I'm going out of town.

27       BLAGOJEVICH:              Good. Um.

28       LOBBYIST 1                And it...(stutter)and the reason it took so long

 1                                 was is that Billy came in and started talking
 2                                 about George Steinbrenner and not about the bill
 3                                 so much, but just about his illness and all that,
 4                                 and I didn't want to have that conversation in
 5                                 front of Billy.
 7       BLAGOJEVICH:              Ya, I know. Good job. Hey, um [PORTIONS REDACTED]

 8       BLAGOJEVICH:                      [PORTIONS REDACTED]

 9            (Call ends.)