Case 08-CR-1010 Session 512

Operation Board Games
Case #08-CR-1010
Session 512

Rod Blagojevich and Lobbyist 1
369488Operation Board Games
Case #08-CR-1010
Session 512
Rod Blagojevich and Lobbyist 1
         CASE NUMBER:              08 CR 1010

         PHONE:                    Lobbyist 1 Cellular
         SESSION:                  512  Redacted Transcript
         DATE:                     12/04/2008
         TIME:                     9:09 p.m.

         SPEAKERS:                 BLAGOJEVICH = Rod Blagojevich
                                   Lobbyist 1

                                        *    *    *    *    *

 1                       (Telephone ringing, clears throat)

 2       BLAGOJEVICH               Hey Lon.

 3       LOBBYIST 1                How are ya?

 4       BLAGOJEVICH               Good.  [PORTIONS REDACTED]

 5                                         [PORTIONS REDACTED]

 6       LOBBYIST 1                Yeah. Ahm, so lemme, ah, so one thing I was
 7                                 thinking about last night is that um, you ought to
 8                                 give, not today, but maybe tomorrow, just give
 9                                 John Johnston a call. And say, you know, calling
10                                 just to say hello, um, you know, I'm working on
11                                 the timing of this thing, but it's gonna get done.

12       BLAGOJEVICH               Okay.

13       LOBBYIST 1                It's. It's...

14       BLAGOJEVICH               Call him tomorrow?

15       LOBBYIST 1                It's a two, it's a two minute conversation.

16       BLAGOJEVICH               Yeah, happy to do it. Call him tomorrow right?

17       LOBBYIST 1                Yeah.

18       BLAGOJEVICH               Okay. Call Johnny Johnston, or should I call-
19                                 have Harris call him?

20       LOBBYIST 1                Ahm...

21       BLAGOJEVICH               I mean you want me to call him directly, I
22                                 will, whatever's the best thing. I'm just a 23                                 little bit...

24       LOBBYIST 1                I think it's better if you do it.

 1       BLAGOJEVICH               Okay.

 2       LOBBYIST 1                For... It's better if you do it just from a
 3                                 pressure point of view.

 4       BLAGOJEVICH               Yeah, good. I'll call him and say yeah, we'll,
 5                                 and we want to do an event down sou--, down sou--,
 6                                 downstate.

 7       LOBBYIST 1                Right.

 8       BLAGOJEVICH               We wanna do it and hope, hope to do this so we can
 9                                 get together and start picking some dates to do a
10                                 bill signing? Right?

11       LOBBYIST 1                Okay so what are, what are the chances based on my
12                                 conversation with you yesterday, that this gets
13                                 done, next week?

14       BLAGOJEVICH               You know, they're good.

15       LOBBYIST 1                Okay.

16       BLAGOJEVICH               I mean...[Pause]

17       LOBBYIST 1                He's, I'm, I'm telling you, he's gonna be good for
18                                 it. I got in his face.

19       BLAGOJEVICH               Okay, good.

20       LOBBYIST 1                (Yawns) alright.

21       BLAGOJEVICH               I know it's...

22       LOBBYIST 1                Huh?

23       BLAGOJEVICH               I feel like there's somebody else who's holding
24                                 him back.

25       LOBBYIST 1                No.

26       BLAGOJEVICH               I believe it's Chris.

27       LOBBYIST 1                No, no.

28       BLAGOJEVICH               Well what took, you know a whole year. You know
29                                 what I mean? Hey Lon...

 1       LOBBYIST 1                No, I don't think he's been talking to Chris...I
 2                                 don't think he's been talking to Chris.

 3       BLAGOJEVICH               Okay.  [PORTIONS REDACTED]

 4                                         [PORTIONS REDACTED]

 5                 (End of call).