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Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Shan-tung

Erected by Gregory XVI in 1839. The first vicar Apostolic was Louis de Besi, formerly Pro-Vicar of Hu-pe and Hu-nan. The vicariate Apostolic had to undergo many wars and persecutions. In 1885 it was divided into Northern and Southern Shan-tung; in 1894, the Vicariate Apostolic of Eastern Shan-tung was erected. The Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Shan-tung enjoys a salubrious and temperate climate; it numbers 11,000,000 inhabitants, and is entrusted to the Franciscan Fathers. The present vicar Apostolic Paltus, born 16 October, 1868, consecrated 8 July, 1902. He resides at Tsi-nan-fu. In 1904 the mission numbered: 11 European Franciscan Fathers; 18 native priests; 18,000 Catholics; 13,900 catechumens; and 134 churches and chapels. In 1910 there were: 29 European Franciscan Fathers; 19 native priests; 28,000 Catholics; 20,000 catechumens; 187 churches and chapels.

Missiones Catholicæ (Rome, 1907).

V. H. Montanar.